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| September 16, 2019

How about that last week? It was a real vacation brought on by two sick days of … well, I still don’t know what it was. Could it be allergies? In our changing planet, maybe I am now allergic to something that was never around before? I am still a statue of snot today, and have had just about all I want of that!

Even though I am having some “drainage” problems, I made three days worth of time on the pole Friday through yesterday. I don’t take many personal notes on fly fishing experiences on paper, instead choosing to use this website to share what I am seeing with you and keep a (12-year) record for myself. For the record, I have never seen a season, and a year like this one.

Working back from here, I have never seen more carp in September than I see this year. At the same, time they have never been more difficult to catch than this year. I have also never seen them in the places I am seeing them this year. To give you an idea of how difficult it is, for me, in three days I hooked only two and landed only one – yesterday. I have also never seen carp follow flies like they have been doing – for two weeks. It is exhilarating to watch, and extremely frustrating when we reach the end of the line and get to the leader … and they are still following and inspecting my fly tying workmanship. IT MUST NOT be quite good enough. Regardless, I have never seen anything like that, or this year.

Earlier this year, i theorized that there were debris jams at the mouth of the Trinity River below Lake, when epic releases that usually lead to days, even weeks of sand bass and hybrid action, this year lead to almost nothing at all. Fast forward to last week’s article in the Denton Record Chronicle. The article shows a massive jam that is apparently so large that the Trinity River will be rerouted by it.

I was always a VOCAL PROPONENT of clearing all the debris and deadfall from the Trinity River on this stretch between Lewisville Lake and Ray Roberts – just so the public could use it for recreation and fishing. Some even took chainsaws into their own hands to keep the waterway open. But, when the management’s “let nature take its course” philosophy meets the epic weather we had this past spring? Well, we get what we get. And we got what we got …

Read the – DRC Article on the Trinity River Log Jam. I wonder if the USACE still thinks their hands-off policy to debris is best?


I did manage to get some good informational articles done last week. Most of it is for skiff owners, and information about dealing with your boat trailers. Some of the information I knew from my childhood, but most of it is “modern” time problem solving for boat trailer owners.

We also have some tournament information to get to, and the music scene heated up this month as well. This morning though, we say goodbye to Rick Ocasek, the lead voice for the Cars – a band I saw in a pretty terrible concert at Reunion Arena in the very early 1980’s. Farewell Rick, husband of Paulina.

Have a great week, and check back in tomorrow! We went from “vacation” to FULL-ON this week, so put on your PFD and your KILL SWITCH! We’re about to get busy as we try and make it past the doldrums and into a salty fall.

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