Denton Greenbelt Debacle

| December 6, 2023

TPWD & City of Denton Respond

Howdy Shannon,

“Hope things are good in your world, (other than the river situation of course), and that South Texas treated you well.  We made a lot of headway on trail enhancement projects this year, to improve access to the Greenbelt, despite the floods.  Still plenty more of that to work towards in 2024.  But, I know you don’t care about any of that and the log jams are still definitely a challenge. 

I haven’t heard the status on the Denton/USACE CAP program in a while.  But, partnering with our TPWD Inland Fisheries Division, we did have the opportunity to apply for a grant through the US Fish and Wildlife Service’s National Fish Passage Program last winter.  Unfortunately, it does not appear that the Elm Fork was selected for that round.  I’m waiting to hear back from our biologists to get an update on whether that opportunity might be available to us again in 2024.  That’s been the best opportunity we’ve found so far and definitely fits right in with your primary goal. 

That’s all of the updates I have at this stage.  But, always happy to chat if you’d like.  Looks like I have some time next week  on Monday or Wednesday.”

Many Thanks,

Robbie Merritt

Park Superintendent/Park Police

Ray Roberts Lake State Park Complex

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department



“Thank you for the email.  The City had applied for Continuing Authorities Program (CAP) in 2021/22 but not selected for funding for this area.

The Cooper Creek flooding study that was submitted in 2015 did receive CAP assistance from USACE this year although this will not impact that area.  Hopefully the project could be funded in the future although timing is unknown.

Ill see if I can track down contact information for the Colonel and send it over.”



The normally published “Wild Art Wednesday” is not happening here today! Check out the Instagram or Youtube Channel for that possibility. Also, in production, new videos on the double-haul and Texoma, PLUS whatever else is in that can of stuff I’ve forgotten! Also note, the trip to Comanche Creek tomorrow has been delayed because of expected high winds! That will also put the stop to my thoughts about a second choice – the Blue River. The winds do howl down that river! And leaves are probably in full float right now as well.

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