Watcher Wednesday! See What You Get

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Texas Insider Fishing Report on YouTube

This show – Texas Insider Fishing Report – is one of the sources I go to regularly. One fly fisher I was talking to, and I mentioned this in one of my reports, said these shows always put the best spin on things. I can tell you, from yesterday’s day on Grapevine Lake, that his statement is absolutely true.

Forget Miss Florida you cads – she’s getting married, or just got married this week … Some episodes run way too long on offshore fishing, but these are Florida guys doing this show and a Florida show, and there’s more crossover (running the same segment) between offshore Florida and offshore Texas — saving them production time. They are in Florida and have better things to do than make a show!

With the cost of cable TV in our hometown eating away at our broken income (not fixed for sure), I am still searching for all the outlets – on YouTube, Vimeo, and through internet connection to those sources, network TV and other sports channels (Texas Ranger baseball live) – to toss the cable box out on the street and run over it with my car (and boat attached).

Sporting Clay Benefit for Texas Reel Recovery August 26 Elm Fork

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Texas Reel Recovery Benefit – August 26, 2017 at Elm Fork

Sporting Clay Shooters Needed!

 The Reel Recovery Classic Shoot is one of our two Benefits for Texas Reel Recovery.

With this event less than 1 month away we are still in need of Sporting Clay Shooters. This is a fun event and you do not need to be an expert  to have fun!

It will be held on Saturday, August 26 from 7:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Location is the Elm Fork Shooting Club located at 10751 Luna Rd. in Dallas.

If you or someone you know can join us either as an individual shooter or an organizer of a team of four, please visit the below site where you can register and for your convenience payment is available on line or there are instructions to pay by check.

The $500 team of 4 entry fee includes a cart. Individual fee is $125. We will place individuals on teams. Entry fee includes 100 clays, coffee, juice & donuts & lunch by Chimy’s Cerveceria.


We will board raffle a Henry H001T lever action octagon .22mag Rifle & Taurus .410/.45 pistol and raffle other items during the event. Call Less to buy squares.

For more information please contact Les Jackson, our Reel Recovery Classic Shoot Coordinator at the number or email below.


[email protected]



Got Gas? Come on and Take a Free Ride

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Monday Morning Fly Fishing Week Full of Hopes Dreams

“… high on Jesus and hooked on dope …” – James McMurtry lyrics

You know, Monday Morning Sidewalks are a double-edged sword, or AT LEAST they should be. As predictable as your Monday Morning is, as you sit there in your respective bathroom stall, I am so sorry that your reading here has been mostly … far less than unpredictable.

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Be Kind Rewind to Last Week’s Texas Fly Fishing Report

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Texas Fly Fishing Report 081107

This week’s report is almost a carbon copy of last week’s report. Variables? Well, heck yes there are always the variables. Around here, in a year of radical variables, the weather says one thing and does another. The quote I keep going back to from incoming texts and e mails is, “strange year.” I completely agree.

I was just out at Ray Roberts an hour ago, about 11 miles north of Denton, Texas, and there was a cool north wind blowing in, while back at the casa now? It is probably eight degrees warmer and muggy. In a state as big as Texas, you actually may not know UNTIL you go – right now!

Besides checking the weekly FISHING report at TPWD (click that it’s a link silly), I have been looking at a couple of other things that tell me:

Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend, or at least a weekend that’s better than mine! And we will be back here early and bright on Monday morning for the ever popular Monday Morning Sidewalk. 

Fish on …

Wednesday Watcher Thursday

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Behind the fly fishing videos scene?


I thought this was worthy of all the fly fishing “production companies” that are running around these days. Some the stuff they produce is about this funny – such a serious topic.

There won’t be any Friday Fly Fishing Report – just watch last weeks, because this week is virtually the same as last week, and the heat is off the charts at the Fly Bar (the world famous set for the videos).