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Monday Memorial Day Sidewalking

| May 28, 2018 | 0 Comments

Thanks again for checking in at Texas Fly Caster. After ten years, I have to remember that many most of you are here for the very first time … sidewalk virgins so to speak. Forget the Monday Sidewalk, and remember you are Texas Fly Casters. I just bring the message to the masses, and try to get you to do the same – bringing your knowledge and MESSAGE to me to share.

Today we remember with respect and reverence those who have died in active military service. That is so heavy to even consider – our debt to those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

As I have aged, my perspective on time has changed greatly. Do I remember what I was up to fifteen years ago? Yes I do. When I was born, my grandparents, and the vast majority of the adult population was only fifteen years removed from World War II. Even twenty or twenty-five years later, were they still feeling the pains of loss, elation of surviving, scars and emotional turmoil? I bet they were. But, from my experiences, it wasn’t exactly “discussed.” That’s just another ingredient that made them, I believe, the “Greatest Generation” wasn’t it.

Of course we’ve had too man wars sense WWII, and the sacrifices were equally sad and heroic, unequally recognized and vilified, but time is the greatest variable that balances historical perspectives, gives nuance to our American condition in wartime. Some will not live long enough to rest in the peace and public knowledge of a truly just campaign, and some will. Many of those who served know, whether we know or not, that what they did was for the greater good of the world. I trust that to be an absolute truth.

If I never meet you in this life

let me feel the lack.

A glance from your eyes

and my life will be yours.

– James Jones “The Thin Red Line”


Friday Fly Fishing Report Holy Carp! Results Bass World Results

| May 25, 2018 | 0 Comments

Where to Fly Fish This Weekend in Texas

If you have to fish amigo, make it fly fishing. Otherwise, it’s a good idea to stay away from Texas lakes and other water bodies. I guess if you went deep sea fishing it would be the safest bet! That’s just how we roll here in Texas.

This video contains the tournament results for Holy Carp!, tournament results for the Bass World Championships in Lake Fork, a report from Danny Scarborough, my local report, and the scroll of fresh and saltwater fishing throughout Texas. I have a tip or two on what flies would most likely take big bass right now and what kind of ingredients go into tying flies for Texas jetty fly fishing.

I am running through this because I have to get to TFO in Dallas, and back before the traffic window slams shut on my scrawny little neck!

Monday Morning Starting in Last Place Fading Fast

| May 21, 2018 | 0 Comments

Holy Carp Tournament and Bass World Championships – Over and Done I Completely Missed

Welcome to Your Monday Morning, or what’s left of it!

Good Monday Morning! If you are a music lover, I am spinning Kandace Springs right now — what a sweet voice. There’s nothing quite like a young voice that you know will only get better with age – unlike MINE!

fly fishing monday morning sidewalkIn the science and art of fly fishing, in this instance for carp, we can certainly apply some mathematics as well – even if I hate math. Take your fly fishing action curve and bend it straight up, UP and AWAY right now. We are at the height of the carp fly fishing season, and there does not seem to be anything or anyone who can stop it. And by now, the frisky males who were paying little attention to flies? Well, they’re probably pretty famished.

I’ve missed a lot of Texas Fly Fishing news lately, and that includes the results of the world famous Bass World Championship held at Lake Fork, Texas. Tournaments, are by necessity, on weekends – and that means I am out for the foreseeable future. My weekdays are gold though!

I will get those Bass World results ALONG WITH the Houston carp tournament – HOLY CARP — as soon as they are available. At LEAST I GOT the headsup that there is a Dallas carp tournament, somewhere, sometime soon!?! I know nothing about it.

Today is already gone, so I will get you a report on Texas Fly Fishing PLUS a specific call on where the fish are on Lake Lavon, Texas. For now, enjoy this week OUTSIDE and send in your fish-pix for including in the Texas Fly Fishing Report. I love to show YOUR SUCCESSES more than mine.

Now Hear This! Fish-pandemonium Underway

| May 18, 2018 | 1 Comment

Where to begin? How about: IT DOESN’T Get Any Better


Fly Fishing Carp Lake Ray Roberts #flyfishing

Depending on where you are and what you know about the preeminent carp fly fishing lake in Texas, there’s a tale of two lakes going on right now. One side is blowing-and-going, and the other requires a bit more of a search. The juvenile males are running rough shod through the flats, not stopping to eat and in search of love. They look entirely like a spawning crew – small and difficult to distract into consuming.

If you don’t pull the trigger NOW, I will guarantee you that the action curve will bend, and it WILL GET tougher. The numbers are huge, and so are the shots at catching the challenging carp. Play the odds amigo & amiga!

Meanwhile the big femmes are ready to eat. Their work is done, and they have the munchies.

#flyfishing #TexasSkiff Carp on fly Ray Roberts TX


Lake Lavon Carp and Buffalo

I had perfect conditions on Lake Lavon, Wednesday, and after a lot of searching to find a location given by a kayaker at the ramp – I found a nice sandbar between shore and an island that was crawling with carp and dark-shadowed buffalo. I did catch a couple of commons in all, but also bagged this 14.5-pound buffalo. I don’t know what it is about me and the buffs, but I seem to have finally dialed them in. I say that, next thing I will be trying and trying with NO LUCK. They are a tough fish to get to eat a fly.

Fly Fishing #flyfishing Lake Lavon TX

This 14.5’er should unseat the current record of 10.67 caught on a Clouser (?) in July of 2011. It’s hard to find the time for the paperwork though! Records are made to be broken.

Netting that monster was pure comedy! It just flopped out of the net and kept going. Remind me! I gotta’ get a bigger net!


Our thoughts, concerns and prayers go out to Santa Fe, Texas, today. You’ll recall the story I did on artist and writer Mike Quinn awhile back. I vividly recall his kids getting home and hopping off the bus out front, coming over to meet me … they’re all okay.

YOUTUBE FANS – There simply are not enough hours in my week to be able to assemble the video report today. Besides THIS WEEK LOOKS A LOT LIKE LAST WEEK, except A LOT BETTER and MORE of it!

Monday Morning Sidewalk – Time to Take a Break

| May 14, 2018 | 0 Comments

Gone Fishing

Good Monday Morning all! I will be giving the keys a break this morning in interest of self and fish! Have a great Monday walking along that usual sidewalk, and tune in later this week, or take a look back at last Friday’s Texas Fly Fishing Report for reports from Danny Scarborough in Houston, Captain Ken Jones and Captain Will Townsend in the Corpus – to – Rockport area. They were kind enough to send in photos, and there’s a monster speck among them!