Fly Line Management

Fly line management is a difficult thing. Everyone has their own idea of how to solve the problem of fly line going everywhere, and most of them are great and creative ideas. I started making these mats – the round ones – in 2019, and offering them up for sale. They have been phenomenally successful. This year we have been testing a new prototype of a mat that was suggested by consumers. It has a longer surface area, and longer nibs which make it ideal for poling skiffs and laying across a kayak deck. It is narrow enough to lay beside a casting platform as well as behind or in front.

This video details the creating of the mat, pricing and performance characteristics of the new V2.0, or “Clint” flyline mat. Do You Feel Lucky? Well you don’t have to be lucky to keep your fly line in line and on deck anymore. I have just put the new 6 by 36-inch model on the market, and it is a game changer. In my use and with the feedback of users of my original round mat, I came to the conclusion that some fly fishers, many in fact, want to never think about HITTING A TARGET with their stripped line. That is what drove my creation of “The Clint” fly line mat. At 36-inches long, it is the longest single piece fly line mat on the market today – PERIOD. In wanting a new design that would also have the weight to support the longer nibs, I settled on a round, be it English 6-inch number for the width. So at 6-by-36 this line takes more material (uv and heat enduring rubber) to make.

KEEP Your Fly Line on Deck

  • Spikes bend but don’t break. Go barefoot!
  • Rubber withstands heat and cold and is very durable under normal use
  • Weighs 1 pound and 12 ounces – making it heavy enough to stay on deck – won’t blow off!
  • Spikes are 1.5″ long! Yes, they’ll catch your line and let you pay attention to the fish
  • Natural clear white rubber color
  • COLORS AVAILABLE – Maroon / Orange / Red / Sea Foam Green / Sea Blue / Clear / White / Black
  • Rubber is pliable, rollable and stow-able

Call now to order several, or get just one for your fly guy or gal’s skiff deck. Wholesale inquiries welcome!

Fly line management for skiff decks

ROUND – $119. — CLINT – $139.

I don’t know about you, but I have been needing one of these for a long time! I finally decided to take matters into my own hands and make this fly line mat myself.

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I will guarantee against workmanship defects for 12 months – that’ll give you time to fish this product as much as I do in two months!

THE CLINT MAT – I also learned along the way how to gravitate the rubber toward each outer edge of the CLINT mat making the center thinner than the edges – we’ll just call it magic. Last and not least, I included hash marks on the edge so that you can measure from one edge – ZERO – to the other edge 36 – in one inch increments. I’ll admit the marks are subtle, but the reality is we do not measure fish all that often, do we?

SHIPPING ON ME UNTIL OCTOBER 15, 2020 If you order either model fly line mat before October 15, 2020, I will still pay the shipping and handling on your mat! That is a $15-dollar savings that won’t last much longer, so TAKE ADVANTAGE today! The ROUND MAT is actually $119. usd, and the CLINT is $139. usd right now (9/25/20).SHOW LESS