Denton Greenbelt Corridor Ownership

| November 18, 2021

As readers realize, we are trying to focus, for the long term, on the Denton Greenbelt Debacle – a continuing log jam of the Trinity River waterway between Lake Ray Roberts and Lake Dallas, Texas.

It is a learn-as-we-go process that has little hope of immediate progress, but with a little more clarity, perhaps we can at least locate the “pressure points” and see if that makes things move along.

Your Congressman, Rep. Mike Burgess 26th. Congressional District, proudly voted AGAINST the latest infrastructure bill, and whether Denton citizens will be able to siphon off money for the needs of Denton, and Denton county – when our Congressman voted against the bill – will be an interesting topic in the 2022 election cycle. Let me just add my two-cents-worth: I have met this guy on two occasions, and he’s an empty suit, totally devoid of conscience and decency in the pursuit of maintaining power. So we won’t be getting anywhere with our current Congressman.


My initial impression of the Denton Greenbelt ownership was based on a lot of government figures I interviewed talking about “leases,” and the Greenbelt lands being leased from owners – land that comprised the Greenbelt trails and river from Ray Roberts (which was impounded in 1988), and Lewisville Lake / Lake Dallas which is a much older lake.

That lead me to believe the owners had more power and influence over what happens on the Trinity River Greenbelt than what actually exists. This Denton Greenbelt Alliance, and its Board of Directors leaves the impression they can “wag the dog” with influence that can make a difference to those of us interested in the fate of the Denton Greenbelt Corridor and specifically the Trinity River waterway. This is false.

THE TRUTH IS the lands that comprise the waterway were sold (not donated) to and are owned by the US Army Corps of Engineers, and were sold to the USACE upon being faced with imminent domain proceedings. The translation is: USACE can do whatever they want, OR NOT do whatever they want – regardless of what is right or wrong.

BUT the owners do maintain ownership adjacent to the USACE’s no-man’s-land, designated “flood plane” that is not and will not be developed. That seems reasonable and logical. How much it floods? What it becomes? That really has little bearing on the owners because nothing is ever going to happen there – ever. That “ever” word is a long time, isn’t it? Someday, these owners will change their tune on this (their) land. It’s pure demographic$. NOTE – I believe there is a “lease” from private owner(s) to City of Denton that helps comprise “Public Hunting Lands” that run on the outer eastern edge of this swath of land.

I am still struggling to find a valid map of USACE / TPWD / Private landowners – all overlaid on the same map. That would be interesting for future historians.


Did you know that the USACE Fort Worth considers the Trinity River from Riverside in Walker County Texas, to Riverside Drive in Fort Worth, Texas, to be a navigable waterway? That is false.

The search for maps and money continues. Here is an interesting map that is waiting for layers to be filled in – Denton Greenbelt and Watershed — but still it lacks in detail.

If you take a CLOSE LOOK at this map DENTON ED Maps & GIS information, you’ll see the City of Denton smartly drew their “Public Facility” map to AVOID anything to do with the waterway, and stuck to Public Hunting Lands and the trail along the Trinity River from Ray Roberts down to a line equal to Elm Bottom Circle Road … quite convenient.

Obviously nothing is happening at civilian speed when it comes to doing anything to relieve the Trinity River log jam. At this point, the governmental bodies involved in the Denton Greenbelt Debacle are not even making sausage. Like I said when I opened this can of whoop on myself; this is going to be a long, and let me add LONG haul.

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  1. shannon says:

    HERE’s THE PUNCHLINE – If USACE considers the Trinity River to be a navigable waterway through the Denton Greenbelt Corridor, and it isn’t? Well, then they need to MAKE IT A NAVIGABLE WATERWAY!

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