Fly Fishing Lessons

Fly Tying lessons kids and adults fly fishing lessons


– Beginning Casting Lesson & Workshop for individuals or groups
– Beginning fly fishing on the water (Fly Selection / Casting / Retrieve / entomology / Catch & Release

Group Wet a Fly Fishing Lessons

Rates are custom designed based on number of people and lesson content. Fill out the contact form to get more information on Groups and for answers to any questions about lessons, rates, payment etc..


Starting in the spring of 2021, anyone who books my lessons is automatically given access to a new series of videos that break down your overall lesson into smaller individual videos that help you before or after your lesson! These videos are pretty simple, easy to watch and for the new fly fisher of any age.

Fly Tying

One of the greatest feelings in fly fishing is catching a fish on a fly you’ve tied. If you are interested in lessons, the first lesson is 50-dollars, and we start at the beginning with flies that are easy to tie, durable and CATCH FISH. Continuing lessons are available.

Children’s Fly Fishing Lessons

If you have a Girl Scouts or Brownies troop that needs to get their fishing badge, I am working on having all the supplies I need through Texas Parks & Wildlife as a Certified Master Angler Instructor. I recently completed all requirements needed to lead and assist in teaching at TPWD fishing events, and will have more details soon. Meanwhile, feel free to fill out the Contact page if you are interested in this as well.