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Yes, These Dark Clouds Have a Gold Lining!

While recovery and cleanup continues on Lake Ray Roberts, Texas, what I saw there yesterday gave me a lot of cause for optimism about this season’s carp opportunities. We can fully expect a longer season. We can anticipate a very good carp on fly season because of the water levels that are bringing fish way, way shallow. And these good things will continue for quite awhile.

carp on fly in DFW Texas

ONE thing great carp seasons have in common? Water. And this year Lake Ray Roberts has plenty of that! Now’s the time to check in for your date on board! Here is my link to more information on the most popular carp fly fishing lake in North Central Texas – Ray Roberts GUIDE SERVICES AND INFORMATION

I will be doing an update once I get a more detailed look at the Lake, but SANGER BOAT RAMP is now closed from a tornado that happened last Saturday night. Check out Texas Fly Caster on Instagram! There was some damage to the new Lone Star Lodge marina, but not much visible damage. Photographs coming soon.

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