Super El Nino Year

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CHATGPT Spins Up 2024 Texas Weather So Far

Marina at TPWD Sanger Boat Ramp. After Memorial Weekend tornado outbreak in North Central Texas May 25,2024.

In 2024, Texas has experienced significant weather fluctuations influenced by a rare Super El Niño event. This phenomenon typically results in wetter and cooler conditions for the region. Here’s a summary of the key weather patterns observed so far this year:

  1. El Niño Influence: The onset of a Super El Niño has brought cooler and wetter conditions to Texas, especially noticeable in Central Texas. This is a stark contrast to the previous years dominated by La Niña, which led to drought and extreme heat​ (Blog – TMLIRP)​​ (Hoodline)​.
  2. January Weather: January 2024 was notably one of the wettest on record for Austin, marking the fifth wettest January historically. This increase in precipitation is consistent with El Niño’s typical impact on the region​ (Hoodline)​.
  3. Temperature Variations: While El Niño generally brings cooler temperatures, the start of the year saw a mix of cold and mild periods. The winter season carried over some colder weather patterns from late 2023, including a series of ice storms and significant drops in temperature​ (Blog – TMLIRP)​.
  4. Precipitation Patterns: Texas has experienced above-average rainfall, especially in the early months of 2024. This is expected to continue through the spring, with forecasts indicating that the state will likely see near or slightly above-average rain through April​ (Hoodline)​.
  5. Regional Differences: Not all areas in Texas are experiencing uniform weather changes. While Central Texas is seeing increased rainfall and cooler temperatures, some areas, like the Hill Country, remain in drought conditions despite the overall wetter trend​ (Hoodline)​.

In summary, Texas weather in 2024 has been notably influenced by a Super El Niño, bringing cooler and wetter conditions, especially in Central regions, while certain areas still grapple with drought. The state can expect these patterns to continue through at least the spring.

This was generated by Chat GPT in case you missed that credit. This story was generated more slowly than past stories – meaning it took about twenty seconds to generate, but that may be due to poor internet connections here at Fish Camp North (Denton internet providers suck). That said, I now know what the root of our weather madness came from – a SUPER El Nino weather pattern here in Texas.

May drought map texas
MAY 30, 2024

I am amazed at the compactness of climate events in Texas THIS YEAR! Yes, it is a huge State, but for a large portion of the year we have huge weather patterns. This story, and our experiences, yesterday is a great example, belie our past history. I drove to Austin, Texas’ preeminent fly shop which is actually in Round Rock yesterday – and back in the same day. And while I was barely misted in the 400-mile round trip? Thankfully, I missed out on severe weather that I was trying to dodge in North Texas! Apparently, Irving and a swath of DFW took it on the chin yesterday (June 1).

Just a note on that fly shop; Living Waters Fly Fishing will be celebrating its anniversary in June! I talked for a quick minute with Chris Johnson, and they are looking forward to throwing a shindig for their sixteenth anniversary JUNE 22nd. There’ll be more on that soon.

As usual, I found more fly tying materials at Living Waters than I find in any fly shop in Texas, including some interesting components that hooked this fly tier, and I hope to convert into catching fish SOON!

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