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Texas Fly Fishing Report 070918

| July 10, 2018 | 0 Comments

Fly Fishing Texas Report

This will be the last Texas Fly Fishing Report for a couple of weeks. This video contains good information on when to schedule your fly fishing trip to the coast, and observations on carp from three days on the water last week. The soonest you will see another report is July 30, and I am jiggering my publishing formula when it comes to what is published when. If you have any suggestions, FEEL FREE to chime in! Ideas include moving the regular report to Thursday or Monday – Monday would  get more detailed action from locals on the report.

I am going to take a break for a road trip with a friend – to the Northeastern USA. It’s one of those bucket list things I had to do (see more of the USA), when the bucket was handed to me, and now I am going to empty a little of that bucket into my starving soul.

Heck, how about just plain starving?

Anyway, I will get correspondence out to you as often as seems worthy while on this epic road trip. A friend and myself will be driving to New Hampshire, in a car … to New Hampshire. This should be interesting, shouldn’t it? Fly fishing New Hampshire? Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks as always for the loyal readers and YouTube Texasflycaster Channel watchers. Look for that carp tour story in the next Lone Star Outdoor News, and prayers sent my way will be caught and dropped into that bucket! Wait until you see the rest of the bucket list …


Father Time and Other Old Fogey Stuff

| July 7, 2018 | 0 Comments

We’re rich! Rich I say! Rich!

Danny Scarborough on Lake Ray Roberts Texas

Danny on Lake Ray Roberts, Texas, with common carp. Photo – Shannon / Manipulation – Leslie

Time has value, and it was never more obvious than when I had famous Houston fly fisher Danny Scarborough on the front of the skiff earlier this week.

“How long have you had the skiff?” he asked? “This is the third season,” I said. “Really? It seems like only a year!” he replied. I saw my opening, one I always look for, to point out the frailty and quickness of time that passes as the younger generation gets older. “Time, my friend, passes quicker and quicker as you get older,” I said.

Time, after all, is the most valuable thing we have in our possession. My riddle to those even younger than Danny, goes like this:

What is the one most valuable thing we have that we all have?

It can’t be bought or sold.

We can spend it.

We can save it.

We can waste it.

We never know how much of it we have left either.

We can’t hold it, and we can’t keep it.

You would be surprised at how many of the younger millennials* have no clue what the answer is. Or, maybe you wouldn’t …


Time is not on our side, regardless of what Mick Jagger sings. However, how you want your last memories to imprint on your eyelids as you close your eyes for the last time … how you want to spend the remainder of that time? For the most part that IS UP TO YOU.

I know that on this day, the third anniversary of a cancer diagnosis (and successful treatment) that MY SENSE OF TIME is a lot different from most. After one year and one day of spending an average of 30 hours a week, every week, at a dead-end job in terrible conditions – that is over. I have retaken (realistically) forty hours of time back from the dead, and handed it back over to living. Giving credit where due; the job did build me back into one strong 56-year-old. I just wanted out before something important got broken in the grinder.

As my friends and acquaintances are starting to realize, time got away from them once again this carp fly fishing season. PRIMETIME is over now, and I spend as much time looking for fish as I do ON fish. This season is unlike the 2016 or 2017 season. Any attempt to explain why would be pure speculation. So far that speculation includes – a) rapid heating in May (we broke 100-degrees in May!), b) fluctuating lake levels, c) more of those wasteful bow fishers? I really should call anyone who shoots a carp with an arrow a “Poodle Killer” – in the interest of greater accuracy.


So with this new schedule, I am in a bit of a “reorganization mode” when it comes to when to do my “regular” Texas Fly Fishing Reports on YouTube. This time we are going to try a Monday release date, and see what happens.

So thanks for reading! I hate sounding like a grumpy old man when it comes to time, but you’ll see the light sooner-or-later! We’ll talk again on Monday, so get ready for that!

millennials* – defined as born between 1983 and 1997. This is becoming the common definition among scientific researchers.

Heat Envelops Half USA Put a Frying Pan on the Sidewalk and Crack an Egg

| July 2, 2018 | 0 Comments

Monday Morning Sidewalk

NOTE – Your assignment this week is: Tie your most patriotic fly and show it to us! Mine will be out on Instagram tomorrow.Wave that Red-White-and-Blue!

Best of Monday Mornings to you today. It’s the first Sidewalk of July 2018. We are smack dab in the middle of a true Texas heatwave, and it has spread throughout the USA toward the east-northeast … what’s that old saying? Come hell, or high water? We have the hell, I’d rather have the high water.

I believe change in most ways, is a good thing. And that’s what we’ll be doing if you choose to ride along for the next … however long … and in so many changing ways. Time values have suddenly changed, and excuses now evaporate like the sweat on our brow.

Up to now, the last year left little time for rhythm, grace or change. It was all grind and grit. What happens now, with determination, drive and a bit more time is:

  • more radical stories for the fly fishing readers
  • more stories for other topics — got one? I am interested in all “other” topics
  • book reviews (since they are stacked here to my eyeballs!)
  • continuing shameless promotion of fly fishing and other fly fishers and guides
  • tackling the PODCASTING format

That last one “tackling the PODCASTING format” is noteworthy. I started down that road before the popular YouTube broadcasting of videos completely blew away the podcasting idea for me – about eight years ago now. And now, the coming of the podcast as a viable and popular alternative for story telling has blossomed into a huge – H U G E – media phenomena that I find the most challenging of all. Telling a story with no visual aids and no written words for reading? It’s daunting to say the least, and that’s why I have two fantastic interviews from my time with Chuck Naiser sitting here gathering digital dust. So I’m going to learn how to do that – fried vocal cords be damned.

Next Monday will be the last from Texas for awhile. I am heading to New Hampshire on a soulful mission with a man I am lucky to have as a friend. Actually it is his mission that I am fortunate to be a part of, but it should go a long way toward my own new outlook and toward one of the “bucket list” laments I expressed when diagnosed on July 7, 2015. That lament? not seeing nearly enough of the United States. There still are other things on that list, so maybe it’s time to shrink it down a little? Time does tell …

Thanks for reading today! I am on the water now, working on a new story tentatively titled, “The Original Sinner.” No, that’s not autobiographical! Have a great week, and be sure to check your calendar for all those Texas Fly Fishing Club meetings coming up at their regular scheduled times.

Monday Morning Sidewalk Run

| June 25, 2018 | 0 Comments

The Bayou City

Greetings to all from hot, humid Houston, Texas! I thought I would take a minute and just let you know – it rained about six inches over four day last week. I wish we could get some of that for North CENTRAL Texas!

If you didn’t watch the last Texas Fly Fishing report, then you missed a story about chiggers. I thought everybody knew what chiggers were, but I had to roll my pant leg up and show a Floridian my ankle this past Saturday. Microscopic piranhas is what they are … and the moral of the story is – if YOU KNOW you are going bushwhacking – carry baby wipes and rub yourself down with those after rambling through the brambles.

You know (by watching the report) that I did not know, and now I am paying a price – from the neck down. I haven’t looked up the life cycle of a chigger, and to tell you the truth — I don’t really want to know. I did hear a story on NPR this morning – about a tick that causes an allergy to meat and dairy.All I can say is I hope the one tick that I found stuck to me wasn’t one of those.

I will be checking in at Bayou City Angler this afternoon, so check out the Instagram Feed for photos of anything interesting they have there. Who knows what else we will find on this brief trip to the Bayou City? Thanks for reading. Have a great week. Check back in at the end of the week for the report, and I am working to bring you a side-by-side comparison of three top TFO Fly Rods – the Axiom II vs. BVK vs. Mangrove. After finally sticking a fish with the AXII, I feel like I can give you an honest 2-cents-worth on that rod (don’t be asking for change!).

Friday Texas Fly Fishing Report

| June 22, 2018 | 0 Comments

Texas Fly Fishing Report

You’ll just have to watch! We’ve had a bunch of photos sent from the Lower Laguna Madre – Port Mansfield area. There are some nice fish roaming those flats!

Meanwhile, I call out the local weather dude – Scott Padgett (to be specific) – for a horribly inaccurate forecast that almost damaged my boat and created a lot of stress for boaters on Lake Ray Roberts as we scrambled to get off the water during 25-mile-per-hour winds that were predicted to be 5-mph.

I also call out the Rio Grande Valley! My homeland was woefully unprepared for a twelve-inch rain that happened this week. This is a drop in the bucket compared to the 55-inches that dropped on Houston, so what are you Valleyites going to do when the big one comes to get you? We could call that rain event a wet run for the hurricane that will surely come – SOME DAY.

Have a great weekend and send in photos if you get to fish and catch! Thanks for reading.