A Bloody Good Chum Line Bayou City Angler

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Bayou City Angler Houston Fly FishingHot fly fishing was the main topic at Bayou City Angler (BCA) in Houston, Texas, yesterday afternoon. And the audience, employees and customers at BCA didn’t need any help whipping themselves into a frenzy over the coastal fly fishing scene with some duck hunting talk thrown in just to increase the volume. It was a chum slick of information, and we were all feeding.

Bayou City Angler Fly Fishing Houston

I did try to settle myself down a bit by looking at all the merchandise at BCA,  and I am very impressed with the inventory that has been built up at BCA since the last time I was in the store. Not only is there good inventory, they have a supply of discontinued Sage rods – right out front and CLEARLY marked down. BCA is also making room for their new fall clothing (out with the summer stuff), and an incredible series of markdowns on the reels we always want but never can afford – Abel and Hatch for example! It looks to me like BCA is establishing a name and place for itself in the fourth largest city in the Country. They also have the most extensive inventory of fly lines I have ever seen in one store, and smartly encourage buyers to try out any rod they are serious about purchasing – three reels per weight, with three different fly lines to help in decision making for line as well as rod.


I was there to pitch the next leg of the Clyde trip (Clyde – the car made famous in Drake magazine) to our old friend Danny Scarborough who now works at Bayou City Angler. Danny, being a wiser man that many I know, has sole possession and control of Clyde, and you can be sure it won’t get hung up sitting in Houston for six months of … let’s just say he won’t be wasting anybody’s time, or throwing me under the bus (still have Dallas tire tracks across my back) – unless I fall asleep in the middle of the road down south. That would be justified.

Clyde Drake Magazine

Danny couldn’t keep his redfish stories from Tuesday out of the Wednesday chum, and not only was that shared information great, so was the growing knowledge of snook showing up “everywhere” in Texas now. Put simply, the level of conversation and free trade of information was like a good shot of top-shelf. In my mind, I thought, “this is how it’s supposed to be.” Heck, when you’re as close to the action as these guys are – THIS IS HOW IT BETTER BE! Not a lot a talk, but talk backed by action – doing every chance they get to do it.

Of course there’s the bad with the good and ugly. Grass carp are being caught out in the bay. The number of commons in the bayous is a fraction of pre Harvey scale count. I am sure the guys that like to kill off these fish in the Houston Bayous are happy. We know they will be back. The mold is settling into the homes inundated by the Harvey floods.

I guess this means I will be forced to commute to Houston on a much more regular basis to get a shot of the real chum, and get back to the level of energy that started this adventure. God knows, I am having a hard time finding a good chum-line in North Texas. Salt is salt – it brings its own energy with it. It heals. Friends have heard me say this, but let me just tell all of you sitting at home – this is a great place for a fly fisher to LIVE.

What The Sheet … Cake is Going On Here?

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Good Humor Break

Are we about ready for a laugh? Some good old Lucille Ball humor always works for me. Some things never get old, do they? All the seriousness of hurricanes and tragedy aside, for just a minute … we’ll get back to that for real in coming days and weeks. Apparently there are a few organizations stepping up to donate to the recovery causes – information came in since my last post on Monday.

After this hits the digital airwaves, I am headed over to Bayou City Angler to visit with Danny Scarborough, who now works there as well as continuing to guide inside the loop, and visit the one fly shop (that I know of) that has a fundraiser coming this September 24th. Anything else I can find out for you while I’m in the Bayou City (just text me).

Monday Morning Sidewalk

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Remembering 911 War Hurricane Harvey Irma Call to Action

Welcome to wherever you are today, this great day called Monday! It’s great because my weekend begins in ernest, with a day of rest from everything that comprises my life as I now know it. You, on the other hand, are just getting wound up, caffeinated, motivated and shoveling the trenches for another week of loving war with work. Count yourself more lucky than I – in that respect. I applaud all of you who have dedicated your time, education, intellect and lives to building your careers on solid ground, and not shifting sand.


As the bells chime on the church behind me, I am again reminded this morning of where I was and what I was doing on September 11, 2001. If you replay it like I do (and we should), then you can’t help but still feel melancholy.

What happens when the last WWII veteran dies, do we forget the war? I always thought, as a historian, that living representatives of those events are the ties that bind us to remembering with clarity. Now, our warriors are still engaged in the war, with what I might add is the best set of marching orders yet (best thing the current president has done); moving the decision making from DC fat cats to the battle lines. We have to think of them, the quick and the dead, as well.


Monday Morning Labor Day Off

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Labor Today Hurricane Harvey The Dude

I hope you are having a fantastic Labor Day morning walking on your own sidewalk, away from your cubicle, crowded parking lots, traffic jams and co-workers and bosses who make you crazy. What  a truly f-d up picture the world of labor really is in the US today. Zero opportunities for creative individuals to succeed, an underemployed and underpaid basic labor force, and a country that has spent the last thirty years building itself on the backs of a huge, underpaid illegal population. Chickens are coming home to roost, but that’s not what you want to hear is it … maybe someday I’ll finish this thought …

The Big Lebowski


It is, after all, the day I have set aside for many years; set aside for watching “The Big Lebowski.” After this last election, I may have to add the movie “Idiocracy” to my Labor Day watch list as well. That movie used to be a comedy, but now?


You may notice the toned down the fly fishing focus in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. It just seems strange to talk about such small happy things when we have (consumer created) gas shortages, price gouging, shelves emptied of eggs at Wal-Marts, and a lot more pain and suffering to come for our coastal brothers and sisters. I have yet to hear of any organized response from the fly community, or fishing community here in North Texas. If someone wants to enlighten me/us, please feel free to do so. If there is anyone along the Texas Gulf Coast reading this: Tell us what you need, and we will respond. If you were relying on the MSM to keep your plight in focus? Most of them are long gone now, and you could be feeling abandoned or forgotten. Nothing could be further from the truth. Just hand out marching orders, and see what happens. There is a “Contact” form at the bottom of this article. Either comment, or fill out that form and let us know what we can do. I am thinking this is a time for the local fly fishing clubs and their attached communities to shine. What do you think?

Thanks again for showing up today, on your day off no less! I have to head out the door now, and go labor.

Watcher Wednesday! See What You Get

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Texas Insider Fishing Report on YouTube

This show – Texas Insider Fishing Report – is one of the sources I go to regularly. One fly fisher I was talking to, and I mentioned this in one of my reports, said these shows always put the best spin on things. I can tell you, from yesterday’s day on Grapevine Lake, that his statement is absolutely true.

Forget Miss Florida you cads – she’s getting married, or just got married this week … Some episodes run way too long on offshore fishing, but these are Florida guys doing this show and a Florida show, and there’s more crossover (running the same segment) between offshore Florida and offshore Texas — saving them production time. They are in Florida and have better things to do than make a show!

With the cost of cable TV in our hometown eating away at our broken income (not fixed for sure), I am still searching for all the outlets – on YouTube, Vimeo, and through internet connection to those sources, network TV and other sports channels (Texas Ranger baseball live) – to toss the cable box out on the street and run over it with my car (and boat attached).