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Texas Fly Fishing Report

| September 8, 2017 | 0 Comments

Texas Fly Fishing Report Summer Winds Down Doldrums Around

| August 18, 2017 | 0 Comments

Fly Fishing in Texas this week

Thanks again for watching the Texas Fly Fishing Report! Please suggest changes where needed – I won’t complain. I think the audio intro is a bit long-ish.

A hard week on the fly for me – skunked twice. Watch for the details in the video. I was advised to be wary of what I heard (and have been told that many times in the past), and it proved out when it came to Lake Grapevine two days ago.

If you can get to the BP and Rollover Pass, it sounds interesting. But then, I am relying – not on all you readers across the state – but relying on televised reporting and the TPWD fishing reports. I have always had a soft spot for Rollover Pass because there is an incredible amount of movement there. I heard a long time ago they were going to fill that in, but I never heard any more about it? I sure would like to hear from readers, rather than trying to discern second-hand information from the sources I am using. Accuracy is very important to me, so my sources need to be honed and more accountable.

If YOU ARE A GUIDE, feel free to call in your report from wherever you are, and we can record and publish it – as is, unedited and heavily (at my cost) promoted.

Texas Fly Fishing Report – Video With Fly Tying Recommendation Ending

| August 4, 2017 | 0 Comments

Fly Fishing in Texas: The Texas Fly Fishing Report Plus Fly Tying Tip for Texas Saltwater

Thanks for coming to the website! I assume a lot of you arrive here because of the YouTube Texas Fly Fishing Report, and maybe just because of today’s report?

As I said, the reports from TPWD are laced with the words “fair” which is worse than “good,” but better than “slow” — all terms TPWD uses to be intentionally vague, and not influence the economies of businesses that rely on these lakes. Keep that in mind. All-in-all, there are a lot more “fairs” and fewer “goods” and the curse word “slow” is starting to creep in across Texas. We all know that happens. That’s why it’s called fishing.


I am not even too surprised to see those words creeping into the saltwater reports either. Heat, and indeterminate wind patterns make things on the coast a bit tepid. The fish begin to spread out, and seek deeper climes. Again, normal. Take the tide-moon phase right now, and I would say – GO TAKE A NAP instead.




Monday Morning Sidewalk With Benefits Aplenty

| July 31, 2017 | 0 Comments

Lots of information on upcoming fly fishing benefit events coming your way this week

Hey everybody! Welcome to the Monday Morning Sidewalk. There’s a whole lot of nothing to tell these days. I mean, I’ve been quietly hitting a lake a week for two weeks, this week should be the third, and this heat (yes, let us blame the heat) has me trying very hard to “Show-and-Tell” you more about these adventures … with nothing to show but an expense report.

Heck, I even tried fly fishing at night! And I am here to tell you, that’s not for me. Although I cut my baby teeth (had braces at the time actually) night fishing for speckled trout at night on the intracoastal, this time I was completely disoriented  and assaulted by bugs (worse than the intracoastal) once the wind was not a factor. I can’t imagine fishing a lake I DON’T KNOW at night — the run back to the ramp was so stressful. Maybe more light is in the future? It’s either that, or shut completely down during these dog days.

While I am away, Paris is apparently burning. I watched the Texas Fishing Report, and they are reporting tarpon at Port Aransas, bull reds at Mansfield … should I continue? I bet you trout guys are about to click away from here right about now, but wait … there’s more saltwater for what ails you!

As you may have seen on Instagram, I did manage some big drum on Ray Roberts last Friday morning. They were very visible, and chasing flies like they were hungry. Gaspergou are fun fighters, but this warm water has slowed them down too. I also met my friend JB on Ray Roberts that same Friday morning … he and his guest were aboard his East Cape, and looking for carp. Based on my years of record-keeping, I managed to put them on a spot that proved to be successful. I say that to say this: KEEP RECORDS of your fly fishing adventures! Those records will come in handy sometime, maybe when you are completely frustrated and have forgotten those lessons of the past.

Thanks for reading! Be sure to check back here the next few days for the information on those charity events. And be sure to read yesterday’s BACKCASTING SUNDAY SUMMARY – a look at the fly fishing month’s stories that appeared here. I get the feeling there will be local breaking retail news very, very soon. If you aren’t tired of reading about

Monday Morning Sidewalk ON The Pole

| July 17, 2017 | 0 Comments

Welcome to the Sidewalk

Good Monday Morning to those who see the good in a Monday morning! I am guiding on Lake Ray Roberts as you read this, so you’ll have to let me off the hook (so to speak) for this short greet and go.

I hope you are also WATCHING the YouTube broadcasts that seem to be coming out with a little regularity – ON FRIDAYs. I am starting to enjoy the process of assembling those, and still looking for ways to be more efficient and accurate with the information provided on those Friday Texas Fly Fishing Reports. Do you have suggestions?

I’ve gotta let you go – catch-and-release – so I can pick up a client on the dock this morning. Thanks for reading, and we can get caught up soon!

If you are a Snapchat user, let’s connect with that app! I think you would search for texasflycaster on the Snapchat app.