Best Texas Carp Flies

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How To Find and Choose The Right Carp Fly for Texas Carp

Be sure to jump forward and watch the video people!

Today is a day to poke a little Texan fun at one of our fly fishing celebrities (Texas loves Tom), while at the same time delivering the gospel of Texas fly fishing flies that convert carp to caught carp – the Go To Gospel of Fly.

One of the questions I am asked most often is: What fly do I use to catch carp? That question comes from all over the Country, and all over Texas. HONESTLY, I cannot answer for the entire USA, but I have a number of fly patterns that are my favorites for Texas, and North Texas carp in particular.


I am extremely happy to show-and-tell what flies I actually use RIGHT NOW when fly fishing for carp in North Texas. These flies work. These are my favorite carp flies right now. I am open to your carp fly ideas and suggestions as well.

These patterns come from stores and they come from tying flies on my bench. Tying flies is only important if you are looking for more success fly fishing. It really is true. Because we are famous for SIX Flags Over Texas, I burned it all down to the top 6 Texas Carp Flies.

No more “What Abouts” TOM, These are my TOP 6 Texas Carp Flies:

  • 6 Mop Fly
  • 5 Woolly Bugger
  • 4 Stupid Simple Fly
  • 3 Egan’s Headstand
  • 2 Coyote Carp Fly
  • 1 Bonefish Bitters Tan

Remember – carp are omnivores, but that doesn’t mean the carp (I see here in Texas) will eat the huge flies that are commercially available. Many of those flies are for much bigger Michigan carp, and way out of proportion for the carp I typically see across Texas.

You will also have a hard time getting carp to eat flies that are not representational of what they see at the moment – like berry flies. Carp flies may look wild, but the are still in the wheelhouse of what they see and eat LOCALLY.

  • Remember – Texas carp flies are small.
  • Remember – The best carp flies run HOOK UP.
  • Remember – Buffalo are not carp.
  • Remember – Grass carp are not common carp.


I published the “Tying The Flippino Midget” recently. That is also a fantastic fly to tie for carp and very simple (watch the video!) –    • Texas Fly Tying – The Flippino Midget…  

Find Exotic Coyote Fur Colors Here – The Fly Hair Co in North Texas

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