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I had a surprise post on Instagram a couple of days ago, from the folks at Bayou City Angler (BCA). If you are unfamiliar with the Houston fly fishing store, it has been on my “must visit” list for many years when in the Bayou City. The likes of fly household legends, like Danny Scarborough, worked at the fly shop and over the years, many others have come and gone through the doors.


Bayou City Angler is a Houston-based retail fly fishing store that has been a staple in the local fly fishing community for several years. The store was founded by Travis and Mary Ann Shults, who are passionate about fly fishing and wanted to create a space where fellow enthusiasts could find high-quality gear, expert advice, and a sense of community.

Bayou City Angler originally started as a small shop catering to local anglers in the Houston area. Over the years, it has grown into a well-respected destination for fly fishing enthusiasts from all over the region. The store is known for its wide selection of fly fishing gear, including rods, reels, flies, and accessories, as well as its knowledgeable and friendly staff.

In addition to its retail operations, Bayou City Angler also offers guided fly fishing trips to some of the best fishing spots in Texas and beyond. These trips are led by experienced guides who know the local waters intimately and can help anglers of all skill levels have a memorable fishing experience.

Overall, Bayou City Angler has played a significant role in promoting fly fishing in the Houston area and beyond, and its commitment to quality, community, and conservation has made it a beloved institution among fly anglers.


This Instagram post was to inform subscribers to the list that there was to be a “Relaunch Party” April 27th. 2024 – margaritas, Pinkerton’s BBQ and new products. I backtracked through the channels I have, and what that means is BCA has picked up some conventional brands … and I “guess” they were closed to reorganize their floors for those new conventional brands. I think the second image on that Instagram post (April 24th.) gives you a snapshot of new conventional brand logos, some if not all of them.


I think the term “Conventional Fly Shop” should become more common, like the term “Light and Fly” is among guides, soon myself and others included! More on the Light and Fly trends later though.

When I was in the process of co-founding the coffee-fly shop Los Pescadores Coffee and Outfitters on South Padre Island, Texas, I was the one person who was hyper-aware that Los Pescadores needed a conventional fishing tackle presence in the Coffee-Fly shop. It was obvious to me, after decades of retail industry experience, doing extensive questioning of different fly shop managers, researching, and remembering my history living in the Valley and next to the Island: Conventional fishing gear is a sales staple, and it is an entry-level invitation to try a new drug – fly fishing. This is why you will find conventional tackle in Los Pescadores today. Besides coffee, quality conventional tackle – ON THE ISLAND – will get anglers in the door. Bravo! to Los Pescadores for implement one simple part of the complex plan.

The reality is the fly fishing segment of the fishing industry is, for lack of a better term, minuscule … a tiny fraction of the overall industry. It is so small, in fact, this is why the big boxes cut there first, consolidate there first, and that department is among the first to be closed. Remember the Gordon Gekko rule? “Greed, for lack of a better word, is good.”

– Editor

But, for the typical fly fisher, who may have never been accused of being a, “bean counter,” it is not unusual to scoff at conventional gear in an otherwise fly shop. Now, here we are, with BCA reaching for the light that conventional tackle and gear may bring … we should all hope, as a byproduct, this helps keep a great fly shop supplied with the top-shelf fly fishing gear they have become known for over the years. It really is far past time to rethink fly fisher’s attitudes towards a fly shop, especially after all the ups-and-downs we have been through in the last ten years, that (remember) includes 1-million dead from the mishandled Corona Virus. If we want fly shops to exist as they have in the past, we need to accept, even invite future changes to their formulas for success!

In a City like Houston, taking on conventional gear – with the Goliath Fishing Tackle Unlimited a short drive away? That, my friends, will be a daunting challenge. That is one challenge, if I were management, I wouldn’t want to take on! More power to BCA though Fly ON!

Make no mistake though: THERE ARE OTHER WAYS I know to have a “pure” fly fishing brick-and-mortar thrive, even though the landscape is once again shifting in the big picture, but it takes very good, extremely trainable, very dedicated people to make those ways work — 24-7-365.

I wish all the best to all fly shops, in all their forms, wherever they may be. If you are a fly shop owner, what are your views on the fly fishing industry? Feel free to let US know today!

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