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Good Monday Morning fly fishers! Here we are again, on a Monday that defies the past weather patterns, a Monday that shows us a new weather pattern that will dominate many fly fishers lives remaining. The pattern is: There is no pattern.

The big news in fishing could well be the big news in fly fishing in North Central Texas: Bois D’Arc lake is now open for fishing! If things go as planned, I will be on that lake tomorrow, after all the people who earned the right to say, “I was there on the first day,” have gone home secure with pinning that fact on their social media resume’. The First Ever Texas Social Media Era lake is open for exposure from every angle and with forward facing imaging as well. I wonder what we will see?

Me? I figured what the heck! I have two new website url’s – and If you want to buy them, contact me.

April 19, 2024

TODAY A YEAR AGO – Walking the Lower Laguna Madre Sand

Time does fly, doesn’t it? Well … maybe not if you’re a youngster, but just a year ago we were running down the clock at South Padre Island, and fly fishing that vast expanse with reckless abandon despite the terrible weather and all the looming work still to be done for the return to Fish Camp North.

I was looking back through the Texas Fly Caster YouTube Library and realized there is a wealth of videos that still have some value, and certainly a good number that have none. But they have something in common. They’re all over the calendar, and they do provide a document of recent history, and they provide a wince at how young and plump I once was (before cancer). You could at least be fascinated to see, in one place, how time and nature takes a toll on a person! It’s pretty painful to see those cancer days, almost like reliving that dark time, BUT HERE I AM.

As I continue to go through these fly fishing videos, I am creating a searchable database that will let me sort through more than 350 videos with the click of a mouse. The database isn’t done yet, so I imagine there are more videos that were released on this date as well. But one reason is to breathe new life into these videos, the first now quickly approaching 20-years-old. The vintage quality – truly a lack of quality – makes videos of Lefty Kreh, the old Tailwaters on McKinney Ave. and early fly trips to the coast – quaint and primitive looking. Once I get this database completed, you can expect regular posts I call, “Backcasting,” and there have already been a few videos deleted.

There’s an entire series Patreon Subscribing Customers were able to watch that NEVER APPEARED on YouTube! There is some fantastic video there – from the South Padre Island days, and just before that adventure (some of which has already been released on YouTube). Some of it I will hold a little while longer.

Have a fantastic week, and be sure to sign up for my 2024 Hotspots SMS notifications! We are heading into the heart of the best times to fly fish in North Central Texas people! If I have personal attachment to a Hot Spot, you will too. How far do you live from Bois D’Arc Lake?


New videos! on a great fly fishing waist pack/sling pack, AND a new video on the Six Best Flies for catching carp in North Central Texas. Yes, it’s an “Opinion Video,” and yes after nearly twenty years? I do have an opinion. Check out what Tom Rosenbauer has to say about other fly fisher’s FLY opinions here – What about what about what about what about

This new fanny/waist/sling pack will surprise you because it comes from the photography industry. But it has been extensively Lower Laguna Madre hyper-saline tested and approved, after my testing there. There’s more though … another waist pack wading system I am working on will be rocking the fly fishing salt enthusiasts to their core. This “new” wading pack system is an adaptation of readily available pieces you can purchase separately TODAY! I am just waiting for the last piece to arrive.

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