Los Pescadores Coffee and Outfitters

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An Inside Look at the South Padre Island Coffee & Fishing Tackle Store – Summer 2024

I was very happy to see open doors at the newest Fly and Fishing Tackle shop on the Texas Gulf Coast, and all I can say is, better late than never!

The store and coffee shop are laid out pretty close to my initial drawings (floor plans), but much better than my crude drawings. And they’re better thanks to the interior designers and architects who were part of the location’s management team. They took this rough concept over the finish line and did it in style. Many of the vendors I chose are still represented with merchandise, and there are some brands that I wouldn’t have, but neither-here-nor-there in my mind. The conventional fishing rods well outnumber the fly rods, but my concept for that was to use that bait as bait! Draw the conventional fisher in, and corrupt them … slowly.

The footage proportions of the business – coffee/food/alcohol TO fishing – are well balanced, and leave room for huge groups, or simply huge CROWDS to have room to stretch, not bump into each other and relax. The community I so desired to create there? It is in the early stages, but growing and becoming a healthy community of diverse people drawn in by similar desires … for good food, great coffee or excellent fishing.

Goal Number One

My number one goal, after the obvious requirement – facilitating the start successful business, was to create a vibrant community whose commune would be Los Pescadores. That is a success, and the social scene for fly fishers and fishers NOW has a place to call their own. That’s why I figured in the “Leader Board” for the local fly fishing club – Laguna Madre Fly Fishing Association. But, the fact I was able to get with Larry Haines and have him hang his artwork throughout the store? That is really the icing on my cake. Larry is in a new battle now. Larry is not doing so well these days, so let us all send positive thoughts and feelings all the way down – his way. If for no other reason, stop in to Los Pescadores and look at Larry Haine’s art on the walls. I would say his artwork LEAD to a genre of fish art that will be in our art world for a long time to come.

Someone needs a lesson in how to hang small art, but otherwise? Check out the LMFFA Leader Board as it now stands in Los Pescadores Coffee & Outfitters, South Padre Island, Texas.Shannon Drawe Photography

Enough horn tooting! I’m out of breath! Please enjoy a look through the photos, and check out a video clip coming soon on the YouTube Texas Fly Caster Channel! I am sure something from Los Pescadores will show up on the newly formatted Texas Fly Fishing News Report’s inaugural episode! Thanks for reading and enduring the blatant self disclosures … time to disappear again.

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