Monday Morning Sidewalk – Sick as a Dog

| February 19, 2018 | 0 Comments

Sick Puppy

I would say I am sick as a dog, but our dog is getting, shall we say, neutralized this week. He will be feeling a much worse pang than myself. He wasn’t humping legs yet, but he is starting to respond to instincts that only boys know about – learned to lift his leg a couple weeks ago, then proceeded to put a nice mark on a pile of sweaters a couple of days ago … leading to the vet this week. At first I thought I could handle one of his descendants, but I won’t be raising any more puppies for myself. He’s probably the last one. Like I always say: IF there are no dogs in heaven, I’m not going.

No, my sickness is of the cold-sore-throat variety. I can accurately say that since having cancer, this is the first time (2-1/2 years) that I have been sick. Cancer may have been a health hiccup, but damn, what a hiccup. This thing I have, not the flu, is hitting me with left-right uppercuts, but I have already turned the corner. It does tell me more about what I can take physically (less than before), but it also tells me my health is not still compromised – which is very good news indeed!

I am cutting this short so that I can get back to being pampered (somewhat), and save up some energy for the dog days ahead. Thanks for reading! Did you buy your YETI bucket yet???


Monday Evening Sidewalk

| December 18, 2017

Rio Grande Valley and Back

Welcome to a late afternoon Monday Morning Sidewalk. That’s the rub, nailing a regular column down to Monday morning sometimes, just sometimes, goes over deadline. You’re probably out of your cubicles, cars, offices, and limos and home by now, but I wanted to take a second to bring those of you  who read – up to speed.

It has been a whirlwind week out of town, starting with the loss, and Heaven’s gain of my 98-year-old Grandmother in the Rio Grande Valley. At 98, you can guess that she was ready and willing to go on home, [ppw id=”183910689″ description=”Holiday Update” price=”.25″]

and there was no pain or suffering. It was one of those kinds of dying, the kind we would be more than willing to receive on a dark night with clouds and stars above.

Of course, that breaks my last human bond to the Borderland where I grew up, and that is the strange bitterness that goes with the sweetness. There’s no grand reason to go home anymore, and that is strange to me.

So with a little more than a thousand miles under my feet since last Tuesday, I am back where I began – in a cold, wet and foggy North Texas. If there’s anything going on besides dinky TPWD stocker trout around here? I don’t know about it.

The Pop Up Shop here in Denton is going great guns, and merchandise is running very low. This is the last week of course, so be sure and visit the shop at 301 South Locust St. in Denton – if you are looking to support local artists, and provide a boost to the local economy (instead of the invisible stockholders of Amazon). For a look at merchandise, go to the Texas Fly Caster Instagram feed!

I am going to be manning the Pop Up Shop for the next few days, so I will bring the Texas fly fishing community up to speed, or MORE LIKELY, catch up with the Texas fly fishing community in coming days. I certainly need to close out the year with one final Texas Fly Fishing Report (yes, the original on YouTube), and a Christmas list for fly fishers, and BEFORE YEAR’S END, another Top Ten Fly Fishing Music Countdown (probably an audio broadcast).

There’s probably another trip to Houston to see family for ACTUAL Christmas in a few days, so you have to believe I will be almost as busy as you this holiday season. The schedule is about to clear though, and that starts in the week between Christmas and New Year’s. I am looking for someone who wants to hit Dangerfield for chain pickerel during the holiday break, and if anyone in the Galveston area wants to show me to their fish? All you have to do is give me a text or call at the number you know, and I will give you the potential dates. Our cold North Central and Northeast Texas weather has probably given us the break that we need for both flounder in Galveston and those chain pickerel in Daingerfield. 

There’s going to be a very rough cut to free/paid reading in January, and that is because the part of this site that separates paid/free content is a POS that is more expensive than you can probably believe – you’d laugh at me if you knew. I will try and bring you up-to-speed before end of year, but essentially everything that is “Paid Content” will be rough cut as far as the “teaser” opening content.c


Backyard Art Show and Denton Pop Up Shop

| December 8, 2017

Backyard Art Show Denton Holiday Pop-Up Shop 2017

We are having a Backyard Show tomorrow, Leslie’s Backyard Art Show, and it starts at 10-am and runs to about 5 tomorrow evening 12/09/17.

Then, we are moving all of Leslie’s Cimarrona merchandise to our temporary Pop Up Shop just off the Historic Square in Downtown Denton, Texas, to open that store Monday December 11. [ppw id=”183910998″ description=”Backyard Show and Denton PopUp Shop” price=”.25″]

That shop will be open for a couple of weeks, more-or-less, and will feature several artist’s work and several different types of media. The Denton Holiday Pop-Up Shop is located at 301 S. Locust St. just south of the Square in Denton, Texas. Come by and say hi during the weekdays if you get a chance. I will have long hours, and can stay open in the evening if you just let me know you’re coming (how old school is that?).

So as you can tell, I am a bit busy with things other than, but ALWAYS in support of the fly life! Heck, it snowed across Texas south of here last night anyway. It is almost impossible to believe we didn’t get any snow, while Houston and other “warmer” places had a 2-inch dusting on the ground this morning. There’s certainly no need for a Texas Fly Fishing Report this week.

It is the season when we do turn toward enticing you into the holiday spirit – with our list of fly fishing gift giving ideas, and we finish up with our Top 10 Fly Fishing Music for 2017 in the last half of December as well. There are full-length releases I have yet to spin, but I will let you know where I stand – with the long list, and you can tell me if I missed anything, before I get down to the short list.

Anyone attending the Saturday show? Drop the code word at the Fly Bar for a special release beer treat, no trick.


Monday Morning Sidewalk Leads Everywhere

| December 4, 2017

All About Fly Fishing in Texas and Texas Artists That Fish

Good Monday Morning, and a heck of a Monday it is! There’s nothing quite like having a piece of the weekend with my art family to bring the good vibes and creative juices back into alignment in my grey matter.

Of the three day Randy Brodnax & Friends Christmas Show at Sons of Hermann Hall, I was able to get yesterday to hang out and help out my wife and her business, Cimarrona, for the entire day. But … there’s no rest for the weary.

We now begin preparing for the “Leslie’s Backyard Show,” here in our back yard this coming Saturday. It is a one day show with eleven different vendors (give or take 1), and runs all day Saturday the 9th. of December.

AT THE SAME TIME, we are about to open a new temporary Pop-up-Christmas shop just off the Square in Downtown Denton, Texas. This opportunity presented itself, and we had to take the leap on an idea I had for Denton retail (was it four years ago already?). The ideas never seem to be the problem. It’s the funding, and the price is right this time! Thanks to our friends at Flower Garden Florist for making this happen.

There will be a formal invite going out to my readers, for both of these opportunities this week, so stay tuned. Unfortunately, the single fish oriented artist I had lined up didn’t have a good grip on his calendar when he originally committed, meaning I have no fish artists to offer Texas Fly Caster attendees. I will set aside some very exclusive beer for anyone who reads this and uses the code phrase “Tight Lines” at the Fly Bar. “Tight Lines” gets you a special refreshment, and you may need a DD to get home.

There will be a follow-up post tomorrow, with scenes from the Randy Brodnax Show, and a vendor list for Saturday’s show will probably be with that post as well.

If you don’t make it back tomorrow, be sure to scroll down later in the week, and see what you’ve missed. We obviously have a lot on our plates, as the holidays approach, and with a little luck, maybe a line or two in the water.

KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE Texas Fly Caster INSTAGRAM feed for image / gift updates (in case you don’t read).

Remember … “Tight Lines” …

Monday Morning Labor Day Off

| September 4, 2017 | 1 Comment

Labor Today Hurricane Harvey The Dude

I hope you are having a fantastic Labor Day morning walking on your own sidewalk, away from your cubicle, crowded parking lots, traffic jams and co-workers and bosses who make you crazy. What  a truly f-d up picture the world of labor really is in the US today. Zero opportunities for creative individuals to succeed, an underemployed and underpaid basic labor force, and a country that has spent the last thirty years building itself on the backs of a huge, underpaid illegal population. Chickens are coming home to roost, but that’s not what you want to hear is it … maybe someday I’ll finish this thought …

The Big Lebowski


It is, after all, the day I have set aside for many years; set aside for watching “The Big Lebowski.” After this last election, I may have to add the movie “Idiocracy” to my Labor Day watch list as well. That movie used to be a comedy, but now?


You may notice the toned down the fly fishing focus in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. It just seems strange to talk about such small happy things when we have (consumer created) gas shortages, price gouging, shelves emptied of eggs at Wal-Marts, and a lot more pain and suffering to come for our coastal brothers and sisters. I have yet to hear of any organized response from the fly community, or fishing community here in North Texas. If someone wants to enlighten me/us, please feel free to do so. If there is anyone along the Texas Gulf Coast reading this: Tell us what you need, and we will respond. If you were relying on the MSM to keep your plight in focus? Most of them are long gone now, and you could be feeling abandoned or forgotten. Nothing could be further from the truth. Just hand out marching orders, and see what happens. There is a “Contact” form at the bottom of this article. Either comment, or fill out that form and let us know what we can do. I am thinking this is a time for the local fly fishing clubs and their attached communities to shine. What do you think?

Thanks again for showing up today, on your day off no less! I have to head out the door now, and go labor.