Monday Morning Thaw

| December 11, 2023

Good Monday Morning and Happy Birthday Tom McGuane! One of the true originals, who was part a group that pursued Florida tarpon in the documentary movie “Tarpon” that received little note when it came out in 1973. McGuane is better known for his writing of course, and books, like “Ninety-Two in the Shade,” and, “The Longest Silence” in our interests category. If you have a chance, be sure to check out a few of his books, and something I didn’t even know until researching him this morning; a movie “92 in the Shade,” that he directed – exists!

IT’S a balmy 36-degrees outside this morning, as I roll the heater in the shop under my desk chair to take my seat and look toward the week ahead. An invitation to a holiday event with the folks from a Denton Greenbelt organization looms this week, and all I have to do is dial down my pulse and be able to answer questions as they come my way. My attempts to schedule speaking time for the Denton Greenbelt Debacle with local fly fishing clubs is also starting to yield results, but I would not describe it as a, “mad rush to be informed,” on the debacle by local fly fishing clubs. My idea of (the current state of) fly fishing clubs, in my mind, is hard to shake off … kind of like the cold out here in the fly shop.

Last Tuesday’s trip to Texoma, “Texoma Tuesday,” was a lot of work, and still some great fun at the end of it all. I am waiting patiently for two new fly lines to come my way from RIO, and considering a conventional chase of striper on Texoma this week, unless those new fly lines get here first! There are plenty of striper on the electronics on Texoma, but I am still seeking knowledge of smallmouth bass on Texoma. Anybody? Anybody? 

Last Saturday was the big hump day for Leslie Kregel’s traveling art world, as the one-day show in Downtown Denton ran its course for her and the other fourteen art vendors who were part of her Leslie’s Holiday Art Show in 2023. Her Studio here, will be open for you to come by and buy art – including paintings and lots of textiles – by appointment. You can call or text me for more information or scheduling. Unless you are looking for cookie-cutter gift giving, give me a call! If you set this up with me, I will be sure and have a warm fire, a fresh selection of brews – coffee OR beer – for you to sample at the Fly Bar – hot or cold, rain or shine. The Leslie’s Open Studio runs December 15-23rd.

Thanks for reading this Monday Morning, and let us know what you are up to for the rest of 2023! Take us along for the ride and the read while you still can!

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