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Watcher Wednesday – Find A Trout

| November 29, 2017

Drop That Trout Movie Reference

So I have two things for you to watch this Wednesday – for deep reference to freshwater trout.

The first is a lunch scene where Jeff Bidges and his Texas Ranger partner are sitting down in a small town for a meal. The movie is, “Hell or High Water.”


The second scene, not nearly as old as the one from the “Hell or High Water” movie, comes from the Netflix series “Godless,” and I just saw the fish episode last night.


When the current main bad guy Jeff Daniels is in a tight fix and about to meet his end (not the one he’s seen), a fellow bad guy rescues him. “What took you so long?” Daniels asks. “The river was afire with fish. All you had to do was ask, and they’d bite.” Episode 5 (I think?). I rolled when I heard that; somebody in that production obviously fishes that Godless area on the Colorado-New Mexico borderlands.



Watcher Wednesday It’s Floodin’ Down in Texas

| August 30, 2017 | 0 Comments

When we say it’s “Floodin’ Down in Texas,” you know what we mean now don’t you? Texas proved it in the last seven days; we just do it bigger and better than anyone in these States. Bigger floods, bigger help and bigger hearts than anybody else. And I’ll stand on that statement.

There’s nothing to enjoy or celebrate today, and I hesitated to even post anything, but sometimes music says it all for us.

I was on the road yesterday, for a photo shoot down in Round Rock, Texas, and they were drying out from a weekend of rain. Last week, before all this, I had planned to roll a story on the new digs for Living Waters Fly Shop into this trip, but all plans got pushed; I talked to owner Chris Johnson, and he said they are in the midst of the moving frenzy and under pressure to get it done. So you can look forward to an interview of Chris whenever he is ready to allow cameras in to his new location.

What I saw on the road yesterday was subtle, but obvious if you are the observant type. Eighteen-wheelers are stacked up, parked all along I-35E’s rest stops and truck stops – stacked up solid. They’re basically circling the airport, waiting for it to reopen – hundreds of them.

Then there’s the strange behaviors; I saw a little old Subaru Forrester with fifteen five gallon gas cans strapped to the top of it. The math on that is mind boggling – seventy-five gallons of gas on top.

There were mini convoys of cars, stopped randomly on the roadside, dazed and somewhat confused. It seems that unprecedented weather brings unprecedented behavior. Plenty of us just don’t know what to do, or what we can do.

Around here, we are focusing on animals – pets rescued and displaced by Hurricane Harvey. We will be dropping new supplies off for the Denton Animal Support Foundation this morning at New York Sub Hub at 305 W. University Dr. (US 380). We are not able to take in any animals, but can certainly send some supplies in the right direction.


Wednesday Watcher Thursday

| August 10, 2017 | 0 Comments

Behind the fly fishing videos scene?


I thought this was worthy of all the fly fishing “production companies” that are running around these days. Some the stuff they produce is about this funny – such a serious topic.

There won’t be any Friday Fly Fishing Report – just watch last weeks, because this week is virtually the same as last week, and the heat is off the charts at the Fly Bar (the world famous set for the videos).

Wednesday Watcher – Real People Really Fly Fishing NOT Fake Fly Fishing

| August 2, 2017 | 0 Comments

I am currently watching a fun thread on the Texas Fishing Forum, and what makes it fun is seeing just how gullible some folks can be … call it “fly fishing fake news” if you will. Here’s the thread – Texas Fishing Forum “Exciting Tips and Tricks …”


Here’s a preview of the real deal –

“Pescadora” (Trailer) – Official Selection, IF4™ 2017 from IF4™ on Vimeo.

You can watch (part of?) the video at the WAYPOINTtv Website.

NOW THAT IS GRATUITOUS – but for real!

In case you are prone to misinterpretations, I don’t exactly condone these a$$ shots, unless it’s my bony a$$ in the shot in the Louisiana Marsh.

Log This Waypoint in Your Browser Today

| July 26, 2017 | 0 Comments

One stop for all your Wednesday Watching

I think I mentioned it, but there is a website that has become (or maybe has been) a hub for a lot of videos you can watch while you’re waiting for the heat to break. I certainly know this heat is breaking me!

WaypointTV is the place you want to go to pick your poison, inshore, offshore and unique videos that may not be “Russian” like the obvious infiltration of last year’s F3T, but are easily reimagined from their conventional roots to our fly fishing world. Heck, we don’t always have to reimagine do we? Even Lefty Kreh carries a spinning rod on his exotic destination trips.

I think my favorite show, beside the purely conventional Texas Insider (co-hosted by Miss Florida), is Flats Class. Flats Class is made great by the host,Captain C.A. Richardson, who SHOWS AND TELLS all the details about his fishing adventures which are not only in Florida, but in Texas as well! He’s been on for years, and I hope he goes on with these shows for many more. It’s fun to find his videos and see how far the quality has come over the years. You wouldn’t know by watching, but the Texas Insider Fishing Report is sister to the Florida Insider Fishing Report – these guys have a good thing going on, beside the condescending typical titillation of fisherman.