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Best Videos of 2023

Of course the best videos of 2023 were not my own, but in these days and this generation of me, myself and I? I am supposed to think I am the greatest video maker, just like you find with the other listmakers hard at work at the end of 2023. In my case, you see how hard I work at tooting my own horn – it’s 2024 already! … not so good.

Best Fly Fishing Interview

While I wanted to do so many more interviews, and even wanted to create an open forum for people to tell their fishing stories and record them to YouTube for LPCO (great concept of mine as I break my arm patting myself on the back once again). That obviously did not happen, and landing interviews on the Lower Laguna Madre, with the beautiful, perfectly awesome exception of Larry Haines, proved to be impossible. In general the Lower Laguna Madre fly fishing population, South Padre Island and all that area, basks in its isolation, relishes being beyond focus and even reacts militantly to sharing the love of the greatest fly fishing area of the entire Texas Gulf Coast. That said, thanks to Larry Haines for doing not ONE, but TWO interviews with me about his art and his fly fishing experiences over decades on the Gulf and Lower Laguna Madre. Thanks, Larry Haines! Even if I had other interviews, in 2023, Larry’s TWO INTERVIEWS – for length and breadth of knowledge would likely have come in FIRST PLACE. Here is Number 2:

Best Informational Fly Fishing Video

The series on the Arroyo Colorado was a frustrating one. Not knowing what I did not know has always been frustrating. In the months following that series, I am finding that I am not alone in that frustration. This is a very manageable waterbody for a fly fisher, and a kayak can do a ton of good on the Arroyo. I left a TON of ideas on the table though! I want to hit the lights – Other People’s Lights – at night on my skiff and glom onto the trout smacking shrimp on top, and just cruise from light to light like a gangster looking for a fight. But I would have to say the video ON THE SAND finishes FIRST. I am sentimental about that one for a lot of reasons*.

Personal Best Video

Being so geeky about history, I have to say the little video I did about the Historic Port Isabel Lighthouse lighting in late 2022 – carried my buzz into 2023. Timeless to me, I guess. But if I had to go in to 2023, by law, I would pick the SpaceX failed launch. It was not technically the best, but seeing a spaceship blow up, in person? That’s a high high.

Best Fly Fishing Product of 2023

Fly fisher people are so geeked by gear. That’s why the term gear geek exists – just for fly guys. I get geeked out too, but there is one rule I now use when it comes to slamming down some hard coin for gear. Strip away all the fun stuff. The Gear Rule: Will it catch more fish? This one’s a close call. The little story on NEBO lights is actually a huge addition to my gear stash. I used those lights all over the place while in Fish Camp South. The Jetties and the skiff in the Brownsville Ship Channel were lit by the “best lights nobody knows about” (that quote coming from a top executive from the parent company). NEBO lights will help catch more fish, THIS YEAR! But, The winner for Best Product has to go to NEBO. Never fear fly fishing in darkness again.

The Cutting Room Floor

Wow! What didn’t make it into the final cut for 2023? How about *a mosquito attack that brought me to my knees, literally, as I was walking in to the Sand. It got cut out because of the profanity that flowed like a flood out of my once baptist mouth. Get the soap Grandma. There are dangerous moments, like close calls on the granite, and for quality control – tons of video from night time fly fishing in the Brownsville Ship Channel never made it to air. Big snook. Big. And massive mangrove snappas on fly as well …

The photo gods only know how much more is left on the cutting room floor. Tons and tons – of time and efforts. A special thanks to my 2023 crew (at MMI) for all their help shooting, stockpiling and editing these videos that took the YouTube Channel to new heights in 2023 – without chicks, without dreads and without being near the heart of the Texas Fly Fishing Scene on the map! I couldn’t have done as much without all you viewers of course! Your views motivate me to do more, or leave some ideas behind – it’s all in those numbers people!

We will be saying goodbye to this worn out Channel Trailer in 2024! All I need is you to help create great content for the New Trailer in 2024, and it starts with going fly fishing – me with you, or you with me! Just say where and when, and it’s on.

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