Predicting Predictions and Looking Forward To Not Knowing

| January 2, 2024

2024 Fly Fishing Predictions

It should surprise none of us that 2024 will be the year that ChatBots gobble up more information about the things we care about, like fly fishing. And we should expect people who actually know nothing about fly fishing to flourish in words generated by ChatBots, and take credit where none is due. I can think of at least one person I know – dabbling in the fly business – who would do that, and probably already has done that, without any conscience at all. Can you spot the fakes? Fake it until you make it fella. This will be a challenge – to spot these AI stories in 2024.

Generally, these Sunday Morning posts generated by ChatBots on Texas Fly Caster have been interesting and I enjoy the cutting edge of this technology that I have only scratch the surface with. The New Year should be one for all of us to refresh our curiosity – about a lot of things! That is the fun part of keying in questions and topics to a ChatBot – – seeing what comes out the other end, instantly I should add.


We all have a few inglorious days to recap our conquests, pick the best of, and crawl forward into the New Year 2024. You already see it in Instagram Feeds and elsewhere. It seems like the Best Of’s are flourishing this year, and I certainly have had one or two of those stories, typically about music, in past years. But mostly, I have tried to seamlessly blend one year into the next because the wheel turns too fast to count the spokes in the rim.

In a year chock full of nuts, “nuts” being my word for achievements, I would rate my full orbit of 2023 as having a few nuts in it. If I were going to do justice to the year, first I would have to be able to speak freely about it – which I won’t do, for a few more years, but time flies fella, and I just may live long enough …

If I were a responsible writer, I would have started the “Best Of …” lists a month ago, but as I said, I don’t typically get mired in doing those lists, and prefer to roll into a new year with not much more than a short drink of Desert Door Sotol and a good night’s sleep. But, this year deserves more of a grand finale – compared to so many others. So welcome to 2024, subscribe for the posts, and get ready for some “Best Of …” stories to wrap up and send off 2023 in my version of a Viking Funereal. Got Tannerite?


Believe it or not, I still have some completed drafts of stories sitting in the digital world of this site (yeah that redesign is going to take some time!). I will find a space in time, when one comes open, and drop a long story on the DOUBLE HAUL that goes with the Double Haul Video now showing on YouTube.

And as if all these balls in the air were not enough? I am also researching just how I can integrate the Spanish language into my YouTube Videos! That isn’t a challenge is it? The best way I can find is: Just tell it in Spanish and let the queso fall where it may (usually on my crotch).

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