A Perfect Week Unfolding

| December 4, 2023

Get off Your Sidewalk and Into The Water This week!

Whoa, who ordered up the weather this first full week of December 2023? The weather gods are smiling down before they drop the frozen hammer on North Texas at some point this “winter.” We know that to virtually always be true.

Rolling The Square Boulder

It is with a heavy dose of sadness that I report to you today: I have once again picked up the environmental fight for the Elm Fork of the Trinity River’s once great Greenbelt Waterway. I have had a year off from that fight, and it just will not leave my mind alone.

After seeing the state of neglect with my own eyes, Saturday December 2nd. 2023, at the end park – the Highway 380 TPWD park? The absolute worthlessness of the waterway at that Park location, and the look of post apocalyptic “Planet of the Apes” destruction … I am refueled.

380 Denton Greenbelt Corridor Park December 2023
Notice anything different at the TPWD Hwy380 Elm Fork Greenbelt Park? No. It’s still the same disaster as 2023 wraps up the five-year-plan of governments doing nothing.

The year-long stalemate in action probably seems like a minute to my adversaries, as they continue to rack up government retirement bucks, and rested assured that this burr was no longer under their saddle. Unfortunately for them, they have someone (me) who has time and is finding the resources, and buttons to push – push a lot harder than before.

I have attempted to enlist your help in the past and there were, and to this day still are – no volunteers. But, this relearning process I am undertaking, on how to succeed this time, still needs more than one human more than one organized opponent to the three sectors of Texas Government I am facing off with in 2024. In relearning, I fully expect to find ways to help you believe just how important, vital and economically impactful this environmental project will be to this area, not just me, not just Denton, Texas.

Obviously I have not done an adequate job of informing the people who would care and become involved – about this environmental catastrophe. And walking away for a year was my way of standing back, and looking for sparks from a fuse I had hoped was lit. One more year, and I see no sparks – it was a dud. I see the course laid out for me now, and I am the reluctant warrior. The battle cry: Show Me!


Robbie Merritt (940) 300-4064 [email protected] — Ray Roberts Superintendent

Gary Packan 940-349-7460 [email protected] — City of Denton Parks & Recreation

Colonel Calvin Kroeger USACE Fort Worth District

There is a new page on this already HEAVY website. It is called, “Denton Greenbelt” and it is also very heavily weighted with words.

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