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| December 3, 2023

Lake Texoma, located on the border between Texas and Oklahoma, is known for its excellent striper (striped bass) fishing. Here are some tips to help you have a successful striper fishing experience on Lake Texoma:

  1. Know the Regulations: Before you start fishing, familiarize yourself with the fishing regulations for Lake Texoma. Regulations can include size limits, bag limits, and seasonal restrictions. This information is crucial to ensure you’re in compliance with the local rules.
  2. Time of Year: Striper behavior can vary depending on the time of year. In the spring, stripers often move into shallower waters for spawning. During the summer, they may move to deeper, cooler areas. In the fall, they might be more active and feeding closer to the surface. Adjust your fishing techniques based on the season.
  3. Trolling: Trolling is a popular method for catching stripers on Lake Texoma. Use downriggers to get your bait or lures down to the desired depth. Experiment with different trolling speeds and depths until you find what works best on that particular day.
  4. Live Bait: Stripers are known to be responsive to live bait. Threadfin shad and gizzard shad are common live bait choices. Use a cast net to catch live bait if it’s legal and readily available.
  5. Artificial Lures: Various artificial lures can be effective for stripers. Topwater lures, swimbaits, and jigs are popular choices. Pay attention to the size and color of lures that match the local forage.
  6. Locate Schools: Use a fish finder to locate schools of stripers. These fish are often found in deeper waters, so having a quality fish finder can be a game-changer. Look for areas with structure, like points, drop-offs, and humps.
  7. Drift Fishing: Drift fishing can be effective, especially when targeting stripers in open water. Drift with live bait or artificial lures while covering different depths until you find where the fish are holding.
  8. Stay Informed: Fishing conditions can change, and local knowledge is valuable. Check with local bait shops, fishing guides, and online forums for the latest information on Lake Texoma. They can provide insights into recent catches, successful techniques, and current conditions.
  9. Weather and Moon Phases: Pay attention to the weather and moon phases. Stripers may be more active during low light conditions, and changes in weather patterns can affect their behavior.

Remember that fishing success can vary, so be patient and adaptable. Enjoy your time on Lake Texoma and the experience of striper fishing!


While the ChatBot looks deep, as in deep subsurface striper action on Lake Texoma? You can have plenty of success on the fly on Texoma. The saltwater-style blitzing is the most obvious target for fly fishermen on Lake Texoma. It’s a game though, a game of whack-a-mole that really only works from a boat. Trust me, I spent my days trying to chase via kayak on Texoma, and the only thing I got was a beating to show for it.

texoma striper on fly texas fly fishing

Boats allow you to chase the pop-up action, the birds and the parade of boats on Texoma. And it helps to have a spotter as well. A spotter can look in a different direction while you are concentrating on driving and spotting. Texoma has widowmakers – stumps that will kill a fast moving boater – so beware, wear your PFD and if you don’t know the lake? Invite a ride along to help you with the liquid terrain.

Striper will also push bait into the rocky shoreline of Texoma, and I have seen bait jump onto a rocky shore to get away from these voracious predators. It’s a good day when that happens! Shallow water is a great option when you can get it, and the rocky shoreline drops off abruptly in most places but a well placed fly – at distance – will produce.


A striper bite is a strike and bite – a head strike and then an eat. I like stainless steel circle hooks on Texoma. It takes either the strike, or the bite, and lets the fish do the set. If I am not using good circle hooks, which are increasingly rare, I use a hook that is pretty ferocious – like the Tiemco 600SP. I have yet to put the new Mustad Signature Series to the test, but will tie some today for a day or two on the water this week!


I have always felt the striper bite at Lake Texoma has an element of mystery to it. But it may be that I just don’t know what I don’t know. I mean every single light can be green, and I get there, and … nothing. Texoma is more like an inland sea though. There’s a ton of surface area, at 139 square miles, but it’s not square! Texoma is long, and the fish can be almost anywhere.

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