Spring Fly Fishing Sounds Abound – All Aboard the Sound Train

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What is Fly Fishing Music?

It’s way past time for one of those famous Texas Fly Caster Musical Interludes! Just like the buzz I get from spring fly fishing, music seems to piggyback the excitement – like a freshman on South Padre spring break. This spring (GOD let it be spring NOW please) I am more loaded for musical bear than ever in the past.


Okay, that was a sensational headline, but I finally got everything lined up on the skiff at the END of last season – for music on-board. There’s video of the cutting of holes into a perfectly good boat, and there’s the running of the marine grade speaker wire (correct gauge for Ohm needs), and now all that is left is to mount the head unit and wire it up.

I really don’t know why any technical poling skiff owner would roll silent. I mean, just being on the skiff and moving is beyond joyous and a custom sound track to go with? Icing on the proverbial cake, in my book. Of course, the most difficult part of the install is what’s left to go, and that’s why it seemed like a good stopping point when the season closed me out last year. Continue Reading

Happy New Year and Welcome to the Top Ten Countdown of 2017 Music Releases

| January 1, 2018

WELCOME Texas Fly Fishers TO 2018

I assume many of you are holed-up staying warm, keeping your flies dry, and getting ready … for whatever adventure comes next.

Starting off 2018 on a Monday kind of blunted the usual Monday Morning fare (Monday Morning Sidewalk), but it was all for the greater good of finalizing the Fly Fishing Top Ten Music of 2017. That too, slid from a 2017 to this 2018 post, but I wasn’t exactly getting frothy phone calls demanding the Top Ten NOW!

Most of the deadline pressure exacted on my life is self inflicted, and I realize that what is page 1 today, is in the bottom of the birdcage, or blowing down the street tomorrow (See Lou Grant). Announcing a story lineup applies even more pressure to private parts, and I keep reminding myself to STOP DOING THAT … but I never do.


I had pretty much dispensed with extensive reviews a few years ago, and this year is no different. If you are as lucky as I am, you have a subscription to ITunes and can listen to anything you want for as long as you have the subscription. I saved several hundred dollars with that subscription this year alone! WHY?

Because this year’s Top Ten is actually a Top Fifteen, and there were another ten or fifteen, that didn’t make the cut, but did get a hard listening.

15 – “Pure Comedy” – Father John Misty

14 – “Music From the American Epic Sessions” – Jack White / Various Artists

13 – “Concrete and Gold” – Foo Fighters

12 – “Carry Fire” – Robert Plant

11 – “From a Room Vol. 1” – Chris Stapleton

[ppw id=”183910070″ description=”Top Ten Music Countdown” price=”.25″]

10 – “Sad Clowns & Hillbillies” – John Mellencamp

09 – “London Southern” – Jim Lauderdale

08 – “Way out West” – Marty Stuart and his Fabulous Superlatives

07 – “Power of Peace” – Isley Brothers & Santana

06 – “Is This the Life We Really Want” – Roger Waters

05 – “A Long Way From Your Heart” – Turnpike Troubadours

04 – “TX Jelly” – Texas Gentlemen

03 – “Tell the Devil I’m Gettin’ There as Fast as I Can” – Ray Wylie Hubbard

02 – “The Nashville Sound” – Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit

01 – “Shine on Rainy Day” – Brent Cobb

Honorable mentions and artists to watch in the future:

“Eyes Brand New” – Zoe & Cloyd

“”Mockingbird Soul” – Brigitte DeMeyer and Will Kimbrough

“The Lonely Cry of Space & Time” – Anna Coogan

“Self Titled” – Amanda Ann Platt & the Honeycutters

“Telescope” – Kelly Ryan

“Wrangled” – Angaleena Presley

“South Texas Suite” – Whitney Rose

[/ppw]And of course we say goodbye to our beloved Tom Petty. He made the fly charts almost every year he had a release here, and he will be missed so very much. As tough as that loss was, who knows what we have coming in the year ahead? Take my experienced advice, purchase your ticket and go see any artist that is important to you. I never saw Stevie Ray Vaughan and had so many opportunities – so disappointing.

Be sure to add any artists I left off! There are so many good releases, and the subjective nature of this list lends itself to a lot of criticism and I have gone back later to recount those artists who were wrongly left off the countdown.

Watcher Wednesday Recorded Live Sons of Hermann Hall 120317

| December 5, 2017

Randy Brodnax and Friends Christmas Show 2017 Sons of Hermann Hall Performances Carl Block E Flat Porch Band

Just as promised, and then some, we have a double-dip of music and Watcher Wednesday. I shot some still images of a lot of the art, but the best idea is for you to go to Instagram and subscribe to the Texas Fly Caster Instagram feed. It’s fresh feed for your eyes! Enjoy the music. It’s low down good old folk music.

Thanks for watching, and have a fantastic HUMP day why don’t you!

Monday Morning Sidewalk – Bass O Matic

| November 13, 2017

Bass on Fly Rod

Good Monday Morning, or what’s left of it! This could be a week for the memoir after another weekend to forget! A book review pressing down on me – guess I should be different and actually read the book. This one’s right up our alley, “The Best Bass Flies,” subtitled, “How to Tie and Fish Them.”

It’s funny, I threw my box at them last week on Lewisville Lake, and what worked in the end, and worked quite well? The last fly I tied on was a Black / Black Clouser on a circle jig hook. I found some very good structure around a high pressure cove, and picked off four there, before heading back over to the old dam riprap I had just covered with a different fly – and put the hit on fish there as well. IT WAS the fly. And, if YOU are fly fishing for bass right now, and everything’s right, but everything’s wrong; try a super-slow retrieve to go with an impressionistic fly.

One nice thing about Lewisville Lake is that you can find cover from our prevailing winds this time of year – those would be the NORTH or SOUTH winds. This lake may provide cover, but it feels  like the bigger bass have departed. I can’t wait to challenge them this spring.

I have some feelers out for new stories to work this off-season, but am not hearing back from my primary contacts at the moment. Seems like everyone is busy these days, these weekdays anyway. What’s up with that? I am looking for anyone who would be interested (not magazine story related) in a day trip to the Blue River this week, or maybe a meetup in BendBow. Just let me know.

Well, it’s on to a pending welding project, a pending website build and post production on images for a band and that website build. Throw in a new product I am creating for the skiff crowd – doing a “Go Fund Me” for that one – and this week was over when it began.

Enough said, let me know what YOU are doing and where you are catching these days. If you say, “PK below the dam,” I would say, “You must live closer than I do!” I may make it out that terribly long way once the TPWD starts feeding the striper some fresh trout, but until then … have at it.


Monday Morning Sidewalk Hits and Misses

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Astros 13 Dodgers 12 Homerun Derby

Well, with all the “drama” surrounding the day to day, I missed giving the Texas fly fishing contingents a heads-up on the Texas Clay Fest down in Gruene over the weekend. Somehow, I have come to know a lot of clay artists, and in Texas the Texas Clay Fest is ground zero for their harmonic convergence of art, music and a lot of storytelling behind the scenes. Virtually none of it is related to fly fishing, but the location is pure gold. Just like everything else in that part of Texas, I imagine it has been usurped by hipsters, but then that is what separates that part of Texas from the rest of us (besides its blueness).

I am not going to miss out on the opportunity to tell you that we are at the beginning of the month, and that means a lot of fly fishing clubs meet all across Texas. By now you know where I am when it comes to “The Club Life,” but my attitude on that is not set in stone – no matter another birthday last week! I am more than willing to resample the club life when I hear about, and I quote, a “Fort Worth Fly Fishers youth movement.” I am going to do a throwback, and run the list of clubs that are meeting in Texas this November. If I had the freedom, I would attend every single one of these – just to check the heartbeats. You may have noticed; I discontinued my own CPR efforts of these organizations — because these patients seem to have DNR as their primary goals. The 21st. Century marches on leaving them all behind.

This should be a very off-topic week if I have anything to say about it. I have a phone full of music to pass along, I am still in possession of the Nikon 360 camera (I don’t think the company wants it back!), it’s time to tie some flies, it’s time to reveal a new prototype for a skiff / fly fishing accessory, and yes, it is time to hit the water somewhere somehow. There’s a long to-do list …

We’re locked-and-loaded for a batch of new stories to carry us all the way into year eleven (that would be 2018 for the numerically challenged such as myself). We have the book reviews, a brand new building for Living Waters Fly Shop in Round Rock, Beaver’s Bend, the flounder run, striper action on Texoma, striper action on the Guadalupe, Texas Gulf Coast salt in winter, fly tying, rod building, music, beer and gear for winter review. Is that enough to keep you old geezers reading, and you newbies wanting more?


You may have noticed there’s not a ton of “Paid Content” reading these days, and that is because the extension that allows me the luxury life – is “broke down.” Right now, that bleeding edge is needing a tourniquet, and there’s not a lot I can do. IT WILL BE REPAIRED before we head into this new series of Fall and Winter 2017-18 stories though. The reason for that is that we are headed toward some extremely revealing information on Beaver’s Bend (put that gas money back in your pocket and stick a quarter in the slot), and these other topics. You may have also figured out that your subscription also allows you to see more “opinionated” views and language on the topics that concern me these days.


  • November 6 Dallas Fly Fishers
  • November 7 Red River Fly Fishers
  • November 7 Fort Worth Fly Fishers
  • November 9 Brazos Valley Fly Fishers (do you still exist?)
  • November 9 Laguna Madre Fly Fishers
  • November 14 Central Texas Fly Fishers
  • November 14 Central Texas Fly Rodders
  • November 20 East Texas Fly Fishers
  • November 21 Alamo Fly Fishers
  • November 30 Rockport Fly Fishers

If you have a new club / group / gathering of like-minded fly folks – feel free to let me know! If any of the above dates have been altered – feel free to let me know! If any of the above organizations no longer exist – feel free to let me know!