Rolling Into the Weekend

| September 15, 2023

How about some tunes to help the long roll to wherever you may go this weekend to fly fish? Anybody interested in a roll to the LBJ Grasslands? I can’t seem to find a sidekick anywhere, maybe I should stop using the word, “sidekick?” My odds continue to decline as my wrinkles increase … apparently. But we fly fishers, we fly fishers, we fly fishers live by the motto I have (for myself at least): TAKE PRIDE IN YOUR LONG ODDS!

Shakey Graves is one musician who gives me an audio picture that is nothing like the reality. That is no easy trick after all the many thousands of hours listening to music – from my single-digit years to the sixty-second digit. That, my friends is a lot of listening.

At least the variety of music we have in the USA, and Texas, is wide and deep. Our good fortunes reach across boundaries, just like the good fortune of this Country to be the world’s melting pot. Of course that opinion is not in “vogue” in some places these days, but hey; if we don’t like it? We can always go back to where we came from, right? Right? Right.

Can you feel that itch? The only thing that salves it is putting some scratch in the gas tank and leaving the DFW-Denton insanity in the rearview mirror, but where to go? I was talking to an old friend who just delivered his daughter to University of Arkansas in Little Rock last week, and he said, “Arkansas is the new Colorado for Texans.” Apparently, Texas is now determined to overrun Arkansas like it has New Mexico, Colorado, etc … in the West. The sooner you get there, the better.

I’ve been preaching Arkansas and EAST for years now, it may seem like days or months, but I have been preaching east of the Big Muddy a long time now. Can I get there myself? You may have to go on without me while I continue to wander in the madness, but all your fly fishing cares will be washed clean there – if you’re a “freshie” – freshwater fly fisher.

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