Goodfly Fly Inc Fishing Round-Up

| September 13, 2023

If you are looking to make a road trip with what looks like a good time at the end of it? Mark September 30th. on your calendar this year. I have been looking at this organization in my spare time, and about the only yellow flag I see is that it is a FFI-CCI event.

If you do not know how to cast a fly rod, you will not be well served by learning the CCI casting methods I see demonstrated on the Goodfly website – . In fact, for older folks, these methods look *downright harmful to their health – IN MY OPINION. I really thought there had been an involuntary evolution (see Lefty Kreh) in teaching fly rod casting, but who am I to say …

Aggieland Fly Fishers

The Aggieland Fly Fishers are putting on the 2023 Round-Up, and here are the details:

  • DATE: September 30 2023
  • TIME: 9-4
  • Vendors / Music / Casting Instruction* / Auction & Raffle / Fly Tying / Food & Drink / Speakers
  • LOCATION: Millican Reserve / 3972 High Prairie Rd. / College Station 77845
  • MAP:


Note there are vendors at this event, and if the weather does go bad, the Millican Reserve has cover. Also note, this event has a second day for “The Gathering,” which sounds a bit cultish and guess what? It is, but who am I to say? It is sold out, so all I have to go on for the previous statement, is years of PAST experiences in different locations across Texas.

A fly fishing event, like this one, is still worth the drive in my opinion. Especially if you already know how to cast a fly rod, you can leave out that distraction, and enjoy the rest of your day in a beautiful part of Texas that should be greening back up by the end of September.

The Wholistic Fly Fisher

These gentlemen have goals that are all positive, and setting aside the Casting Cult of CCI, people who need a physical-to-mental activity to occupy some space in their lives, space that may contain a lot of static? will benefit from these gentlemen’s efforts. Casting a fly rod has cleared my mind through the last sixteen years of tumult and life in general, and casting continues to be one therapeutic activity that has spawned a whole new wholistic philosophy toward this sport of fly fishing – for the long haul ahead.

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