The Complete Cast – Joining the MIND and BODY Part 2

| January 3, 2016

The Complete Cast DVD by Lefty Kreh and ED Jaworowski

The Complete Cast - Courtesy TFO

… Continued from Part 1 The Complete Cast DVD

So what’s so great about the Kreh Cast?

  • It simplifies the casting of a fly rod
  • It eliminates small muscle group and tendon stress in casters
  • The Kreh Cast is meant for the reality of fly rods made in the modern era
  • The Kreh Cast quickly builds confidence in beginners and is easier to learn and teach
  • It quickly increases accuracy and distance!
  • This casting technique willingly adapts to any body type and is not “rigid” or rule driven

Those, off the top of my head, are some of the reasons I teach the Kreh Cast to people who are beginners, or are frustrated with their casting and wanting to be better fly rod casters. That’s the short list.

It’s amazing to me that,  if we were to attend a TPWD fly fishing class for beginners today, the instructors are still taught to teach the “Clock Method” of fly casting. I’ve witnessed it, and it was painful to watch quietly (thankfully, I am only certified by TPWD for conventional instruction classes) standing by at a safe distance. In my opinion, the only thing this method accomplishes for these new casters, and maybe this is the only goal; the only thing it accomplishes is understanding what a fly rod is/does, and puts a fly rod in someone’s hands. Compared to the opportunity presented, I rarely see a first-timer (at these events) thirsting to learn more about fly fishing. Perhaps my aspirations are too great for these open events, but would it be worthwhile to retool the way TPWD teaches fly rod casting at these events? You tell me. This is my opinion about these events. It is not meant to cast aspersions on the volunteers or TPWD employees who take their valuable time, away from their homes and families and jobs, to teach fly fishing to complete strangers in strange places, with bad weather and perhaps bad gear. I am one of those volunteers myself, and I know the effort it takes to do these events for TPWD and other organizations. And we do find personal rewards from these encounters – in the grand scheme of things.


– Lefty Kreh and Ed Jaworowski –

CODA – The Kreh Cast

This is a FIVE STAR instructional DVD, unlike any that has ever been created in the fly fishing world. It is, in all likelihood, the coda to this part of the Lefty Kreh legacy, and worthy of being called the coda to his casting legacy.

In my opinion, it’s hard not to like Lefty Kreh – based on my personal encounters and on DVD. And Ed is a great counter to Lefty’s personality, as Lefty brings the mechanics, and Ed the sciences to clear and understandable meaning for a simple person like myself. The two of them are comfortable together, and the way the producers handed the monologues off to each is logical and seamless. It’s obvious their knowledge is ingrained, and not rehearsed or hardly scripted. I was there for part of this production, and I can say they simply looked at a note for the concept (like “tailing loop”) and went from there – spilling pearls of wisdom all over the sound stage. As someone who produces their own videos, I am (quietly) very critical of what I see from other sources. (There’s so much bad stuff out there.) This DVD is casual, conversational and definitive. Perhaps more time could be spent on presentation of the fly – rolling out that leader for a soft natural presentation – but a proper Kreh cast should logically end in a fine presentation, but the length of this DVD is grueling – when taken in big bites.

Another new, and revolutionary to fly fishing, thing about this DVD is that is offered on Vimeo as a download, and has the option to purchase individual chapters there is well. If you want to sample before you buy, Vimeo is where to start.

I had a friend who once twisted a common saying to his liking and my learning, “Shannon, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him think.” Even though that was directed at me, he’s still a good friend thirty years later. I hope my over the top gushing – about what is potentially the last (coda) and best work ever recorded in relation to the legendary Lefty Kreh’s casting methods – doesn’t itself deter you from getting your hands on this awesome instructional DVD.

Body Mind Soul Fly Fishing

Make no mistake, connecting your body to the Kreh Cast, then connecting your mind to your body arrive at self-discipline in your body’s casting … you will find a healthier, more soulful rhythm that makes a lot of sense, and ultimately gives you the confidence to cast through the eye of a needle if needs be. Long live Lefty Kreh.

END NOTE – It’s difficult to imagine what may come next in the evolution of fly fishing. Perhaps someday someone will find a way to distill the fly cast even more – to be readily consumed by the masses. One should never rule out the future. It could be another revolution in fly rods that causes a change in casting (like graphite did to the clock). Whatever the cause, change may again prove itself difficult by the time I’m Lefty’s age.

The Complete Cast with Lefty Kreh and Ed Jaworowski – Trailer from Temple Fork Outfitters on Vimeo.

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