The Complete Cast – Joining the MIND and BODY

| December 30, 2015

The Complete Cast Blue Ray/DVD with Lefty Kreh and Ed Jaworowski

The Complete Cast - Courtesy TFO

Overview and Review

PART 1 of 2

Of all the people who contact me about the subject of fly fishing, the vast majority are interested in learning to, or learning more about casting a fly rod. Whether they’ve taken the dive and purchased a rod and reel (probably the most expensive fishing gear they’ve ever bought), or are thinking about getting into the art of fly fishing; many people hit the eject button when faced with the mechanics of casting a fly rod.

And there’s not a topic as controversial inside the fly fishing instructional / educational system – as the topic of casting a fly rod. On one hand, it’s a generational civil war between the old school of casting a rod by a set of rules that include a clock face, and the upstarts who believe in adapting a person’s ability to a more modern style of casting lead by the revolutionary Lefty Kreh. Mind you, Lefty Kreh is no shaggy headed unshaven trust-funder striking a pose under a bridge. Lefty Kreh is one of the “Greatest Generation,” was in the Battle of the Bulge, and is still kicking hard at 89-years-old!

If you are a regular reader, you know I am prone to coin a phrase on occasion. In this case, I believe it’s time to call it as I’ve seen it when it comes to Lefty’s great contribution to the sport of fly fishing. I am a disciple of, a firm believer in, and defender of the KREH CAST.


Why is learning and preaching the Kreh Cast so important to the sport of fly fishing? It’s important because it yanks fly fishing out of the hands of the tweed-wearing-secret-hand-shaking-elite, and puts fly rods (enter TFO fly rods for the masses) in the hands of the masses. I had a friend watching the new and definitive work “The Complete Cast” with me the other day, and he posed a very prescient question, “How did Lefty come to be involved with TFO fly rods?”

Lefty Kreh at IFTD New Orleans 2011I didn’t know “how,” but I told him I thought Lefty Kreh got involved with TFO for the same reasons he has preached the Kreh Cast all these years. TFO and Lefty Kreh together are a one-two punch that brings fly fishing to the masses. Kreh’s Cast brings the mechanics and TFO brings the affordable fly rod into the hands of people around the world, people who could otherwise be priced-out or intimidated-out of the idea of picking up a fly rod. FEEL FREE TO THINK.

For me, it’s time to admit bias when, for once, I know beyond a shadow of doubt, the Kreh Cast is superior to any conventional fly cast developed up to the year 2015. I’ve known this for years, since it changed my world – early in my fly fishing life (another story from another time). And I’ve been waiting nearly three years for this DVD to come out, because I knew (as I did shoot fragments of video on this disc) by being briefly involved; this DVD is the absolute summation of, and clamps the lid down tightly on, the undeniable truths of the Kreh Cast.

Part 2 Coming Sunday – more about Lefty and Ed. More about the reasons you want to purchase this DVD. More time on my soapbox. Can’t wait? Go to the Vimeo website and TFO page to purchase “The Complete Cast” now!

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