Dear Customers, Friends and Family,

Your Texas Fly Shop is moving! We are proud to announce that following the close of business on Christmas Eve, we will be moving the shop and our travel business to a beautiful building at 1933 E. Levee Street in the Design District neighborhood of Dallas. While the old building at 2416 McKinney Ave has served us well for eight years, our new showroom on the banks of the Trinity River far better suits our needs as we continue to grow. We are busy at work with a remodel project that will be completed in time for our move between Christmas and New Year’s Day.


The new shop will be nothing short of spectacular. It’s unique location adjacent to Oak Lawn and Turtle Creek in the Design District is more accessible for most of our local customers. Everyone will fall in love with the convenience, peaceful vibe, and vast green space – all intangibles we have certainly lost in Uptown. Please take a look below to learn more about the relocation and our new facility.

We are enthusiastically viewing the relocation as much more than just a move. It is a genuine rebirth that opens doors for complete reorganization, rejuvenation, and expansion of our business plans and initiatives that is long overdue. The future looks very bright on Levee Street, and we are overwhelmed with enthusiasm and energy as we tackle our next chapter.

I cannot tell you how much we appreciate the last eight years of loyalty and patronage. Our amazing customers have paved the way to provide a wonderful workplace and lifestyle for our staff. For me personally, you have made self-employment in a tiny niche industry a sustainable reality. You have allowed me to support my wife and three children while traveling the globe with a fly rod in hand. Most importantly, you have given us an opportunity to develop lifelong relationships with hundreds, if not thousands, of the best customers and friends imaginable.

Thank you in advance for the continued vote of confidence and support. We are hoping for our strongest December sales ever to help us weather ten days of business interruption during this enormous transition. Please come see us over the holidays!


  1. Saturday, December 12th: Annual Christmas Party at the shop!
  2. Thursday, December 24th: Last day of business in Uptown. Complete the holiday sales season at our existing location at 2416 McKinney Ave.
  3. December 25 – January 3: CLOSED FOR RELOCATION
  4. Monday, January 4th: Target reopening date at 1933 E. Levee Street.

DALLAS, TX 75207


While there is a little nostalgia looking back at our humble beginnings at McKinney and Fairmount, the future could not look brighter at our new location. 1933 E. Levee Street is an 11,000 square foot warehouse built in 1955. It is only a few blocks southwest of the intersection at Oak Lawn Ave and Irving Blvd – overlooking the levee and the Trinity River adjacent to the Sylvan Bridge.

The showroom will have lots of natural light, loads of beautiful imagery from Matt Jones Photography, polished concrete, and a theme that mixes contemporary finish out while maintaining the stylish warehouse feel. We are putting the finishing touches on a 4700 square foot sales floor (3x our existing space on McKinney Ave) with custom finish out by numerous vendors as well as a comprehensive travel department lounge.

Customers will also enjoy ample private and street parking, a full-fledged “hospitality area” (code name for a bar), and a large wrap-around patio deck that ties in the river/outdoors to the showroom. The spacious and peaceful setup provides an awesome venue for social events, seminars, presentations, and clinics. Couple our new shop facility with an expanded product assortment and Tailwaters will undoubtedly qualify as the coolest fly shop in the country!


As most Dallasites know, The Design District is a historic part of the city adjacent to the Trinity River and the old decommissioned Union Pacific rail bed. What was previously a warehouse manufacturing and industrial hub for the city is now evolving into a hotspot for retail, restaurants, to-the-trade showrooms, art galleries and multi-family development.

A little known fact is that the Trinity River Forest is actually the largest intact native hardwood urban forest in North America. Our backyard is literally 8000 acres of open green space, bottomland, and riverbed – complete with manicured landscaping, easy access to Crow Lake Park (our new casting pond), and even a boat ramp on the river a few hundred yards out the back door! The Design District is actually much better located and easier to access than our existing location for our local customer base, so we have little concern about moving from the hectic, tight, concrete madness that has evolved around our current location in Uptown. This change in venue will provide us with four times the size, unlimited parking, and a relaxing outdoors atmosphere that is nearly impossible to find in Dallas.