| January 4, 2016

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Well, at least we aren’t sliding around on ice or snow this morning! I am trying to will the weather into being better than it actually is. Highs are lower than normal, and there’s plenty to do on the skiff before we depart for South Padre Island (SPI) in a couple of weeks. It’s probably time to start lowering my expectations a bit. It is January after all.

My mind is certainly starting to wrap around being back in the groove of writing, even if my body isn’t coming along nearly as quickly – I am holding steady at 140 pounds with a pocket full of heavy Clousers. It was a pretty good week for writing last week. I finally felt comfortable enough (after years) to make a stand on the “Kreh Cast,” and interspersed that with the Fly Fishing Music Top 10 2015, which was as much work as the review of the casting DVD, “The Complete Cast.”


Looking to the SPI trip in a couple of weeks; I am searching for someone who is knowledgeable on the Lower Laguna Madre at SPI – to fish with while there. Strings? No, no stinking strings, although it would have to be weekday(s). All you have to do is know the water. If you know where the fish are, that would of course be helpful too!

All this talk of skiffs, and the technicalities of skiffs, will lead to the launch of the new site sooner rather than later. I have a heck of a lot of questions, and need some good answers to avoid wasting coin on the wrong things.


The Texas Fly Caster Newsletter came out today! If you missed it, you need to sign up on the mailing list (check out the mail chimp sign-up on the left) to receive it this spring. You can un-subscribe any time. The newsletter is something like a guide for what to expect to see on this site in the near future – kind of an “insider” thing.


Just a reminder for those of you who I had to reschedule because of my fall health problems: Not only am I ready to reschedule, but my lineup of topics has changed from this point forward as well. They are listed below.

  • Beginning Fly Fishing – We all had to begin somewhere! I tailor this to the audience, but all ages should be able to get a good start from this lecture. Can be extended into a series as well.
  • Basic Fly Tying – There are still only a few flies that would be your “desert island fly,” and they’re pretty darn easy to tie. I’ll show you how.
  • Fishing Photography – There are a few techniques that will instantly improve your photography of fish. I’ll tell those secrets, and many more!
  • GoPro Cameras and Techniques – Video is huge now, and I can help you create methods that work for you to make you a better videographer with more subscribers on YouTube. If you have a GoPro, you know they can be moody. We can overcome that too!
  • Texas Lake Carp on the Fly – My bread-and-butter most popular lecture. Why drive all the way to salt to feel that tug? Just about the only Texas freshwater fish that  compares to saltwater fish are carp. I’ll let you in on how I find and catch these “golden bones.” Feed the addiction.
  • Mind – Body – Soul Fly Fishing – Tie all your abilities together to become a better fly fisher. From meditation to resistance training directly benefiting fly fishing – this lecture is for those ALL-IN on the sport.
  • Cancer – Prevention – Diagnosis – Treatment – Recovery – Personal insights into my experiences with throat cancer that resulted from the HPV virus. More details available on request.

texas fly fishing clubs #flyfishing

Club meetings roll along this month all across the huge State of Texas. Here’s my list. Raw excitement…

  • January 4 – Dallas Fly Fishers
  • January 5 – Fort Worth Fly Fishers AND Red River Fly Fishers
  • January 12 – Central Texas Fly Rodders AND Central Texas Fly Fishers
  • January 14 – Brazos Valley Fly Fishers AND Laguna Madre Fly Fishers CC
  • January 18 – East Texas Fly Fishers
  • January 19 – Alamo Fly Fishers
  • January 28 – Rockport Fly Fishers

Happy New Year to you if you are just getting back in the TFC reading groove! I, for one, am more than happy to leave 2015 behind – for so many reasons. No natter how you rate 2015, you can expect things to be on a noticeable upswing here this year – for so many reasons. There’s a lot to look forward to, but be sure to let me know if I am missing anything! I’ll be very appreciative of your tips that lead to stories we can all benefit from.

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