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Black Hole Sun Shadows The Monday Morning Sidewalk

| August 21, 2017 | 0 Comments

Texas Insider Fishing Report Girl in Texas this week! Get out your long … lenses East Texas!

Texas Insider Girl Brie Gabrielle - photo courtesy pageant

Good morning! In 2024 we will be the focal point for a max coverage lunar eclipse! So at least we have that going for us – Fishpocalyplse 2024! (Should the world still be around, and should we all live that long!) Imagine that …

I will be on the water for our close brush with the eclipse TODAY. I figure the fish will just start coming up all around me, like I’m the Dr. Doolittle of the high lakes. Today is the first day of public school for hundreds of thousands of Texas kids. I know you are wondering just where “The Great State” of Texas ranks in public education this morning. It’s 43rd., so take heart, there are seven states worse than us. I guess that new $70-million dollar football stadium in Katy, Texas, didn’t bump up those rankings very much. What a waste of money.

If you watched the Texas Fly Fishing Report last week, then you know I actually took a piece of information from the “Texas Insider Fishing Report” and went out and executed the advice, translated into fly, and proceeded to get skunked at Grapevine Lake. Hmmmm …

Apparently the main star(let) power of “Texas Insider” is going to be in Texas this week, and fishing with a couple of the guides they have reporting on that show. Don’t be surprised to see a big hullabaloo on Lake Fork – camera boats chasing, cameramen on board, and Miss (soon to be Mrs. you horn dogs) Brie Gabrielle on Fork, or some other East Texas lake. The guide she’s out with has been pushing Lake Athens hard, so you may see them there. (Photo Is Above. Funny, Google automatically fills in the search for “Texas Insider” with “Girl” when you do the search) My guess: don’t blink, or you’ll miss her before she’s on to another bigger show of some kind.

This week looks a lot different from last week. We have a cool front predicted (climate change anybody? any deniers?) for midweek, and it’s supposed to drop highs into, get this, upper 80’s for ONE day this week – plus rain chances. Go ahead, tell me this happens all the time.

There’s already not enough time to make the long run this week, so I will try another lake, and see what happens. I am up to five different lakes in the last five weeks, and there’s a good reason you’re not reading about them. I got nothing to say. Ok, I do have something to say – here fishy fishy! That’s my secret fish call, but don’t go crazy using it everywhere you go! It could stir up the aquarium at your local  Long John Silver’s …

Thanks for reading today. You’ll be selling your addiction short if you aren’t showing up here other days of the week to check out the stories other than the Monday Morning Sidewalk. And the news just keeps on coming into the fall this year – guaranteed.

And if you see Miss Brie, tell her I said, YOU GO GIRL!

Texas Fly Fishing Report Summer Winds Down Doldrums Around

| August 18, 2017 | 0 Comments

Fly Fishing in Texas this week

Thanks again for watching the Texas Fly Fishing Report! Please suggest changes where needed – I won’t complain. I think the audio intro is a bit long-ish.

A hard week on the fly for me – skunked twice. Watch for the details in the video. I was advised to be wary of what I heard (and have been told that many times in the past), and it proved out when it came to Lake Grapevine two days ago.

If you can get to the BP and Rollover Pass, it sounds interesting. But then, I am relying – not on all you readers across the state – but relying on televised reporting and the TPWD fishing reports. I have always had a soft spot for Rollover Pass because there is an incredible amount of movement there. I heard a long time ago they were going to fill that in, but I never heard any more about it? I sure would like to hear from readers, rather than trying to discern second-hand information from the sources I am using. Accuracy is very important to me, so my sources need to be honed and more accountable.

If YOU ARE A GUIDE, feel free to call in your report from wherever you are, and we can record and publish it – as is, unedited and heavily (at my cost) promoted.

Watcher Wednesday! See What You Get

| August 16, 2017 | 0 Comments

Texas Insider Fishing Report on YouTube

This show – Texas Insider Fishing Report – is one of the sources I go to regularly. One fly fisher I was talking to, and I mentioned this in one of my reports, said these shows always put the best spin on things. I can tell you, from yesterday’s day on Grapevine Lake, that his statement is absolutely true.

Forget Miss Florida you cads – she’s getting married, or just got married this week … Some episodes run way too long on offshore fishing, but these are Florida guys doing this show and a Florida show, and there’s more crossover (running the same segment) between offshore Florida and offshore Texas — saving them production time. They are in Florida and have better things to do than make a show!

With the cost of cable TV in our hometown eating away at our broken income (not fixed for sure), I am still searching for all the outlets – on YouTube, Vimeo, and through internet connection to those sources, network TV and other sports channels (Texas Ranger baseball live) – to toss the cable box out on the street and run over it with my car (and boat attached).

Sporting Clay Benefit for Texas Reel Recovery August 26 Elm Fork

| August 15, 2017 | 0 Comments

Texas Reel Recovery Benefit – August 26, 2017 at Elm Fork

Sporting Clay Shooters Needed!

 The Reel Recovery Classic Shoot is one of our two Benefits for Texas Reel Recovery.

With this event less than 1 month away we are still in need of Sporting Clay Shooters. This is a fun event and you do not need to be an expert  to have fun!

It will be held on Saturday, August 26 from 7:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Location is the Elm Fork Shooting Club located at 10751 Luna Rd. in Dallas.

If you or someone you know can join us either as an individual shooter or an organizer of a team of four, please visit the below site where you can register and for your convenience payment is available on line or there are instructions to pay by check.

The $500 team of 4 entry fee includes a cart. Individual fee is $125. We will place individuals on teams. Entry fee includes 100 clays, coffee, juice & donuts & lunch by Chimy’s Cerveceria.  

We will board raffle a Henry H001T lever action octagon .22mag Rifle & Taurus .410/.45 pistol and raffle other items during the event. Call Less to buy squares.

For more information please contact Les Jackson, our Reel Recovery Classic Shoot Coordinator at the number or email below.


[email protected]



Got Gas? Come on and Take a Free Ride

| August 14, 2017 | 3 Comments

Monday Morning Fly Fishing Week Full of Hopes Dreams

“… high on Jesus and hooked on dope …” – James McMurtry lyrics

You know, Monday Morning Sidewalks are a double-edged sword, or AT LEAST they should be. As predictable as your Monday Morning is, as you sit there in your respective bathroom stall, I am so sorry that your reading here has been mostly … far less than unpredictable.

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