Monday Morning Sidewalk – A Brand New Beat

| October 15, 2018

Fly Fishing Days of Future Past

Welcome! It’s Monday morning and that means a walk along the sidewalk of life … and fly fishing of course!

There will be some epic adjustments to everything going on here, as I take on a weekday gig – that could actually last awhile! Being free to roam, so to speak, costs a lot more than nothing it seems. So the planning and execution of fly fishing adventures enter a new phase of premeditation and planning going into the future. A fair translation could be, fewer and greater adventures for the readers who tune in here to read about things they want to do, have done, or just to read and escape from the daily life. It may take awhile to tunnel out of the “free” air though.

Over the weekend I rolled out another Texas Fly Fishing Report on YouTube, a report worked (outside in the Fly Bar) around the rain that left for about 24-hours and came back on Sunday. Now, temperatures are dropping radically — we’re heading straight past fall once again here in North Texas – and the fly fishing opportunities turn to fall salt and fall trout in Oklahoma. And now that there are going to be a few bucks in the bottomless gas tank (see above paragraph), maybe I can follow-up, or create stories that are long overdue. It seems like these stories were done just the other day, and as I was looking back, some are ten-years-old now. I won’t make any predictions about where we go, or what we do, because that only leads to pressure to perform – which is totally uncalled for in my world.


Also over the weekend, I finally opened the box (hipsters call it doing an “unboxing”) with the new pair of Soft Science TerraFin Boot . These boots are insanely lightweight! There is no wading boot to compare them with, and I like the fact they look a lot like a CONVERSE ALL-STAR HIGHTOP shoe. We’re going to see how it does in normal conditions, but have to get a bigger size – a 9 for an 8.5 foot leaves no room for anything but a pair of socks. We know we need room for thin neoprenes or even, in my case, the thicker ones you find on waders (waterproof) that are 3.5mm neoprene. I won’t be running anything but the initial show and tell for awhile, as I wait for a larger size to arrive. If you have any of the Soft Science shoes, let us know what you think about them! SEE THAT VIDEO on the YouTube Channel Coming Soon. And of course it will be published here simultaneously. Honestly, I get the feeling I will end up with a closet full of Soft Science shoes. Their casual shoes are stylish, and I already know they’re extremely comfortable! And just in case I wear them out on the skiff? They stick just fine.


The Lydia Ann Flymasters Fly Fishing Tournament is right around the corner! Make sure you check out their website – as they do update it with most current information. If you can hit this one, the fishing should be fantastic (as opposed to that time I did the tournament on a slack tide!). Last year’s event was canceled due to the hurricane damage, so there should be plenty of excitement for everyone involved.


The new ownership of Scotty’s Blue River One Stop threw a party Saturday, and maybe that is a sign of things to come? Scotty’s certainly deserves a higher profile, and with the recharging of the aquifers that supply the Blue River, with the complete washout that came with epic flooding … you can bet we will get there to once again “rediscover” the Blue River in South Central Oklahoma. You can bet things are changed, maybe not as much as Beaver’s Bend, but still way different. In case you haven’t figured it out, I love changes.

READ MORE ABOUT THE CHANGING – Blue River Fly Fishing in Oklahoma

Have a fantastic week, and let me know if you have any fly fishing information worth a weekender – that is what I’m left holding onto with the new gig going forward. IF we can turn-and-burn in three days, and the intel is good? You know I WILL give it a shot. Wish me luck on the next phase (new gig) in my economy.

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