Live Broadcast and Fly Fishing Texas Winter Predictions

| October 20, 2018

Hey Texas fly fishers! I don’t know if you caught my live broadcast earlier today, but I have to say it was a bit of a shot in the arm to go live without a net. I’ve done it before, but the technology seems to be catching up with the concept – live broadcasts to YouTube are incredibly easy now, as long as you are using internal cameras such as the internal camera of a laptop or a USB camera that connects directly. UNFORTUNATELY, you will see there are still some problems!

It appeared to be working just fine, but on the playback the video became disturbingly detached from the video. I HATE when that happens! as Billy Crystal once said.

So we actually have predictions of another Texas Winter without a winter — according to the major talking weatherheads. Based on what I’ve experienced so far, I believe that to be TRUE. Sure, in North Texas it will get cold, but I don’t think we are looking at a week of closed businesses or schools and rolling brown-outs. It’s just not in the cards this winter. Seeing as we are 30-miles from Oklahoma, the rest of Texas will do even “better” this winter when it comes to fly fishing opportunities and weather.

AND THAT IS GREAT because my time has organized itself in such a way as to take advantage of a mild winter … and taste the salt … and catch some of those fragile trout in Oklahoma … and whatever else gets thrown our way. If you watch the video, you know that most of the serious North Texas fly fishers have a split personality …

On one side, we fly fish the sweet water of Beaver’s Bend and the Blue River barely 90-miles away. And on the other side? We have salt. It’s brutal, exposed and corrosive … but it offers up the biggest drug – the biggest tug – and salt is what makes it all so tasty. I am constantly amazed by the number of fly fishers here in North Texas who have NEVER fly fished salt! I wonder … is ti because they are afraid? Are the afraid they will up the ante, and turn the fly fishing addiction up to eleven? I think so …


As we plow new ground, you will have to shift your thinking a bit. Odds are that the information flow from the YouTube Channel and here at Texas Fly Caster (word central) will be heavier on the weekends now, and much lighter on weekdays. BUT I hate making predictions! They just seem to be something I make to be broken these years. SO, your best bet is to just simply stay tuned.

AS FOR the regular Texas Fly Fishing Reports? It has occurred to me; I may be shortchanging myself. I certainly leave a lot of things (that I talk about in words) on the table with no mention at all on the YouTube Texas Fly Fishing broadcasts. Music, culture and miscellaneous food mentions have yet to make the bigger picture that COULD BE presented on the broadcasts. The question is; who cares? Statistics say there is little reason to talk anything at all EXCEPT FISH PORN. However, that was then, and this is now. Life is short, and we all know the weakness of doing the same things year-after-year and expecting different results. CHANGE IS GOOD! We also know God laughs when man makes plans, but …

After all these years, let me suggest you buckle your seat belts, put on your PFD’s and get ready to tie a new twist into your winter fly fishing adventures in Texas and beyond. I am cautiously optimistic that this is the year when the balance of time – funds – and opportunity strike the balance that has been missing for so long. Complications? Guaranteed. That’s life, but maybe, just maybe we can just put this Key lime in the squeeze and make a margarita out of it!

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