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Sunday Morning – Going Under Grab Your Snorkel

| June 5, 2016 | 0 Comments

There’s word that Possum Kingdom Lake opened another gate at that dam, moving it from epic to biblical release, and many of Texas’ rivers are still rising with runoff from all the rains we’ve had across the State’s watershed this week. I saw plenty of flash flooding in all my driving over the past few days (to and from DFW Airport), and major roads in Grapevine, TX, were shut down Thursday due to high water.

And that water goes somewhere … like Lake [ppw id=”134517975″ description=”Flooding Across Texas” price=”.10″]

Grapevine in the case of what I witnessed Thursday, and as I was passing back over the edges of Lake Lewisville (aka. Lake Dallas) yesterday, I could actually see the ripples and eddies of fast flowing water right off the 2499 bridge, and even strangely off HWY 380’s north side (bridges), I could also see the same kind of huge flow — all going into Lewisville Lake. If that dam’s going to give, this is when it’ll happen.

There is fabulous habitat being flooded around the toll bridge that goes over Lewisville Lake as well, and the carp there should be findable once the sun exposes them. I can imagine the bass will also be shallow too, as the water is so cool these days. We just need the rain to stop to get this party started!

I prefished Ray Roberts Saturday, and it is again bulging at the seams – because they DID shut the dam down, to spare Lewisville. I may have been one of the last to realize exactly how high the water was getting on Saturday as I backed my car into the water to launch. Putting two-and-two together later, and with good information from a friend; they will probably shut down the park ramps this morning. I was motoring over lakeside campsites, behind trees and up near campground parking lots in search of the golden bones. I saw a few, but they were mostly moving and excited about the new eating opportunities (but not calm enough to eat yet). Combining that with the ramp closures, I had no choice but to reschedule today’s guide trip.

Walk and wade opportunities are virtually GONE once again on Ray Roberts, as this year’s round of floods will once again put the flats in deep water, and any shallow carp (stalking on foot) will now be in the bush. One bonus to these conditions is the chance to go after abundant gar that seem to really enjoy these conditions.

However, we’re going to push through this week, and see what opportunities exist in these conditions. That means launching from the Ray Roberts marina ramp (dirty and crowded is typical there), and looking far and wide for targets of opportunity. Next weekend brings a tip to Houston that ends with fly fishing with Danny Scarborough on the coast a week from today.

Here is where you can find the information you want about lake levels in Texas –

For such a big state, it took big rain to do what’s been done to Texas. It’s a bluebird day today, and the four year drought is an ancient memory nowadays. Water conservation? Hey, the party goes on forever, and the water never ends … right?


Meet the Depressed – Mainstream Media That Is

| August 11, 2013 | 1 Comment

Fun times watching the old mainstream media squirm as Jeff Bezos steps in to purchase the Washington Post, and begin the final turn from paper to digital – free online content, to paid. Make no mistake, good online content, at some point will cost YOU money to read online only. Or perhaps you will get a paragraph for free, followed by a click to the paid content (automatically debited a nickel or dime at a time. Let’s see … average 500 unique dimes a day here … awww, what would I do with an additional $20-thousand usd a year … take readers further, faster perhaps? Sounds like a good idea to me!

As a re-forming journalist (as in; I am changing my shape and stripes), I have been caught up in the death of newspapers for about 23 years now, and the death throes of paper news continue, with most of the smaller spasms (from small dailies) just about done.

With the beginning of change to large dailies the big TV networks take notice, examine their own navels and wonder if they are next to be bought by some internet mogul, some Mark Cuban type. Maybe so, but I think it will take a while longer.


Where this site appears to have made its mark is by striving to bring you along for experiences, and leaving you with the knowledge that you need to do these fly fishing things we want to do. After about six years of providing unique content – images, words and video, there’s not another website that specifically talks about fly fishing in Texas that provides a greater volume of content, or ranks higher than Texas Fly Caster. I hope you all still enjoy the free content, continue reading, continue commenting and continue providing ideas about stories on Texas fly fishing.

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Sunday Roundup – Recap to go With your Nightcap

| February 10, 2013 | 0 Comments

Here’s a quick recap of the week’s stories and tweets from Texas Fly Caster.

10 Feb texasflycaster @texasflycaster
I die laughing! My wife makes me change the channel and there’s John Mayer singing on the Yellowstone with flies on the brim of his hat.

9 Feb texasflycaster ‏@texasflycaster
Should we ban once and for all the word “epic” from all fly fishing movies?

8 Feb texasflycaster ‏@texasflycaster
Living Waters Fly Shop Round Rock Texas

8 Feb texasflycaster ‏@texasflycaster
Time to practice casting out in the pasture. May as well tie on a horse fly.

8 Feb texasflycaster ‏@texasflycaster
Action Angler’s Chris Jackson at Sportsman’s Finest Austin Texas

7 Feb texasflycaster ‏@texasflycaster
If I have to keep driving past Gainesville TX every day it’s only a matter of time before I get a fried pie downtown.

7 Feb texasflycaster ‏@texasflycaster
Worth a listen – …

6 Feb texasflycaster ‏@texasflycaster
Just off conference call with #IFFF talking about reorganization of the Texas Council. Fresh new energy abounds.

6 Feb texasflycaster ‏@texasflycaster
Looks like Central Texas may be getting some much needed rain? What about us!

6 Feb texasflycaster ‏@texasflycaster
Hoo-Rag Here to Give Buff a Run For the Money

4 Feb texasflycaster ‏@texasflycaster
Monday Morning Sidewalk – Warm and Blustery

Monday Morning Sidewalk
Hoo-Rag Here to Give Buff a Run for the Money
Sportsman’s Finest Hosts Chris Jackson
Living Waters Fly Fishing Event
Seeing is Believing

Texas Fly Fishing Sunday Summary at Texas Fly Caster

| January 13, 2013 | 0 Comments

Here’s a summary of the week’s posts and @texasflycaster tweets. Want more details? Click on the links to read all about it.
The Texas fly fishing week in review:

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