Sunday Roundup – Recap to go With your Nightcap

| February 10, 2013

Here’s a quick recap of the week’s stories and tweets from Texas Fly Caster.

10 Feb texasflycaster @texasflycaster
I die laughing! My wife makes me change the channel and there’s John Mayer singing on the Yellowstone with flies on the brim of his hat.

9 Feb texasflycaster ‏@texasflycaster
Should we ban once and for all the word “epic” from all fly fishing movies?

8 Feb texasflycaster ‏@texasflycaster
Living Waters Fly Shop Round Rock Texas

8 Feb texasflycaster ‏@texasflycaster
Time to practice casting out in the pasture. May as well tie on a horse fly.

8 Feb texasflycaster ‏@texasflycaster
Action Angler’s Chris Jackson at Sportsman’s Finest Austin Texas

7 Feb texasflycaster ‏@texasflycaster
If I have to keep driving past Gainesville TX every day it’s only a matter of time before I get a fried pie downtown.

7 Feb texasflycaster ‏@texasflycaster
Worth a listen – …

6 Feb texasflycaster ‏@texasflycaster
Just off conference call with #IFFF talking about reorganization of the Texas Council. Fresh new energy abounds.

6 Feb texasflycaster ‏@texasflycaster
Looks like Central Texas may be getting some much needed rain? What about us!

6 Feb texasflycaster ‏@texasflycaster
Hoo-Rag Here to Give Buff a Run For the Money

4 Feb texasflycaster ‏@texasflycaster
Monday Morning Sidewalk – Warm and Blustery

Monday Morning Sidewalk
Hoo-Rag Here to Give Buff a Run for the Money
Sportsman’s Finest Hosts Chris Jackson
Living Waters Fly Fishing Event
Seeing is Believing

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