Monday Morning Sidewalk – Fake Weather News

| November 12, 2018

North Texas Weather Goes Cold

Good blustery rainy Monday Morning! The dogs are running do do their business and running as fast as they can to get back in. At least the talking-weather-heads got today right. Basically, they were one for three, missing Friday-Sunday by a lot. And that’s our lesson for this Monday Morning Sidewalk: The North Texas talking-weather-heads peddle FAKE NEWS about 90-percent of the time. They ARE the worst I have ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot of them. AND: Do what you’re going to do, and forget the forecast! I sat around waiting for the shoe to drop, and the weather was pretty darn spectacular Friday and Saturday.

Today, they got it right. So cue up the band, and put on your heavy long handles.

Galveston Flounder Run

Word is finally reaching here … the flounder run “is on” according to a source, and I will spend the next two days doing my due diligence before flying the flounder flag up the mast. If you are wondering what all the hullabaloo is about, check out these stories on past – Flounder Runs at Galveston Island, Texas. For those of you who know what I am talking about – let’s hear from you! We have the weather patterns right, so are the flounder doing their thing as in years past?

The flounder phenomenon is something that can happen, but doesn’t necessarily always happen – IN THE WAY we need it to happen to catch them on a fly rod. This weather pattern is exactly what is needed in part, to make for a good run.

Along with this weather slowing us down here in North Texas, I have a pile of stories expected out this week to publications, and memory cards loaded with images that need to go somewhere .. delete, delete delete … as I work on a new series of prints for sale. Check that out on the instagram feed – Shannon Drawe Photography – and the photography website if you want to get a taste of that world.

Have a great week! The weather is supposed to go golden later this week (fake news) and the stars are aligning for flounder – once we get more confirmation. I will definitely keep you up on that because flounder on fly is a whole lot of fun.

Love your neighbors, and share the fly fishing addiction wherever you find yourself!

Coming tomorrow – the Lydia Ann Flymasters Tournament results.

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  1. shannon says:

    I have 100% confirmation and 100% belief in the source. The flounder run is ON at Sea Wolf Park.

  2. Immanuel Salas says:

    Siiiick! Why stuff a turkey when you could stuff a flounder with crabmeat? Looking forward to TFC report from the land of the doormat flounder!

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