Lower Laguna Madre Fall Fly Fishing Event South Texas

| November 6, 2018

Fly Fish the Gulf of Mexico & Lower Laguna Madre

Beach Trip November 11

South Padre Island Seashore Fly Fishing

The annual beach trip is November 11. Meet at the South Padre Island Convention Center at 6:00AM. We can then transfer to 4 wheel drives and go up the beach. Plan on fishing as we go with a stop of a picnic lunch at the jetties or elsewhere. After the trip there will be a social at Stanley and Leslie Woelfel’s on the Island stating at 6:00 PM. The address is King’s Court (park outside the gate and climb the stairs on the first building to the Right).

As you old geezers may remember I did a Run Up The Padre several years ago in my Toyota FJ60. What I need is another FJ60 – a REAL Land Cruiser. It could go with my new old Wilderness Systems T140 – a never used 2008 model! Imagine that? It’s like opening a time capsule to when you had your first game-changing kayak — brand new again.

Here are more stories about the – Run Up The Padre

1984 Toyota FJ 60 Land Cruiser


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  1. shannon says:

    You’ll have to contact folks down there. http://llmfaflytiers.ning.com/

  2. Jacob Brown says:


    I will be in town for a family trip during this event, is there an opportunity to tag along? I have salt gear with me (always).


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