When Black Friday Comes I’ll Collect Everything I’m Owed …

| November 14, 2018

Steely Dan Still Has It

Time is ticking away again this week! Take heart though – the fish gods seem to be in agreement with the weather gods, and we have blessings here in North Texas (if not all of Texas!).

With the Black Friday fly fishing tradition only a week away, I am happy to report that THIS BLACK FRIDAY flounder is on the menu this year – after many years absence. This weekend, well, we’re going to see if we can pull a run to the Blue River together for either Friday or Saturday. Motivation for an Oklahoma run is a bit hard to find these days …

I’m not much on synthetic trout, but when there is only one game “in town?” that’s the game we must play. The Blue River is such a low pressure place, it really lacks the intensity of a twelve hour road trip, intense fish, high altitude, cold … you know, all the things that make Colorado and New Mexico great!

Click the link For More on – Fly Fishing The Blue River in Oklahoma. I don’t really know how much is there, but there is also a group of videos on Oklahoma’s Blue River on YouTube. Needless to say, it IS TIME for some top-shelf photography and a manuscript on the Blue River, so if anyone is interested? You know how to find me.

On Photography

So does anyone out there have any experience using these things they call Gimbals or stabilizers? It’s a camera stabilizer and balance so to speak. I am a bit interested in the stability they offer, but the price? I would say they’re about double what they should sell for due to the “fad factor” that is going on right now. I just wish I would have had one of them when I was shooting the Americas

Cup in San Diego way back when. The gyro I had was like a 20-pound weight attached to the bottom of my camera!

Yeah, I got seasick anyway.

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