Lydia Ann Flymasters Tournament Results 2018

| November 16, 2018

Here are the Lydia Ann Flymasters Results 2018

Gross Funds Raised: $12,045
Net Funds Raised: $8,394
Total Funds Donated to CfR (2009-2018): $47,796

Total Number of Anglers: 70
Kayak Anglers: 20
Boat Anglers: 50
Female Anglers: 10 (included in totals)


1st: Stephen Charles – 27 1/4″ Redfish *tie
2nd: Paul Parks – 27 1/4″ Redfish *tie
3rd: Ben Jorden – 25 3/4″ Redfish

1st: Walter Ross – 25 3/4″ Redfish
2nd: Nathan Wilson – 24 3/8” Redfish
3rd: Joey Griggs – 24” Redfish

1st: Rob Burlingame – 21” Speckled Trout
2nd: Sally Scroggs – 20” Ladyfish

1st: Ian Voelzel – 23” Speckled Trout
2nd: Jim George – 16” Needlefish

1st: Stacy Lynn – 25 7/8″ Redfish

Our sponsors are instrumental each year in the success of the tournament.
Please do all you can to SUPPORT THOSE WHO SUPPORT US!

After having to cancel last year’s tournament, I was unsure of what the tournament would look like this year but was hopeful we would be back to a normal tournament.  All of you proved my worry to be misguided as this year turned out to be one of the largest tournaments we have had to date and we set a new record for the funds raised for Casting for Recovery (more on that later)!  Even with the few hiccups we had this year, it was a successful tournament and a far cry from its humble beginnings, challenges and fond memories on the sandy lot next to Crabman!  As I have said before, we are open to any suggestions you may have and work hard to implement changes that will make the tournament more fun, more streamlined and more successful.  Feel free to reply back if you have comments or ideas to make the tournament even better.

One of the changes we implemented this year was who we solicited sponsorships from.  If you look at the list of this year’s sponsors, you might notice that they all represent local or regional companies, most of them privately owned by passionate fly fishers.  All of them represent a brand or an attitude of serving others in the community.  We have had more corporate or national support in the past, but felt that it would be more beneficial this year to focus on companies that serve our communities directly rather than those who simply have a presence or a store in town.  This allowed several of the sponsors to experience the tournament first hand, but also allows each of us a better opportunity to thank them in person.  We owe a huge THANK YOU to all of our sponsors for donating their time, talents, money and products to our tournament. As cliché as it has become, our sponsors truly are a huge part of the tournaments success and the event would not be possible without their support. I encourage each of you to do what you can to support all of those who sponsored the tournament.  You can find a list of sponsors attached as well as on the tournament web site at  (note: the website is down at the moment, but we are working diligently with the host to get it back up and running).

Before I get to the final tally, I wanted to quickly thank all of the volunteers that helped with this year’s tournament.  As you know, this event takes a lot of hours working behind the scenes well before tournament day in order to pull things off.  We had a great team helping out this year and it made my job much easier.  Thank you especially to Palmer Simpson, Walter Ross, Ken Kahanek, Stacy Lynn, Susan Gaetz and Lise Lozelle for all of their extra efforts this year!  With a crazy work and home schedule this year, I certainly could not have pulled everything together without all of their help!  We are always looking for additional volunteers, so if you are interested in helping out, please let me know.

 We finished the 2018 tournament with a total of 70 anglers, the second largest tournament to date.  There were 50 anglers in the boat division and 20 in the kayak division. From the financial side, I am excited to announce that this was our most successful tournament to date!  Between donations, registrations, silent auction and the raffle, we were able to raise a total of $12,045!  After accounting for the tournament expenses, our net donation back to Casting for recovery was $8,394, bringing the total amount we have raised for CfR through the LAFM tournament to nearly $48,000!  I am extremely proud to be a part of our Texas fly fishing community and want to thank each one of you who have faithfully and generously supported our tournament over the last 9 events!  I have volunteered at several of the CfR retreats and have witnessed the amazing impact they have on the women’s lives who attend.  It is an amazing organization and I am humbled by the support each of you give toward their cause!  THANK YOU to each of you who participated and helped to make this year’s event such a success!  I look forward to another great event in 2019 as we celebrate the tournament’s 10 year anniversary!

Tight Lines,

Rob Burlinggame

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