Monday Morning Sidewalk – Hitting the Kingdom Trail

| November 19, 2018


Good Monday this Thanksgiving week! It’s a rare treat that you get a freshly minted video in place of the regular Monday Morning Sidewalk Ramble. Nevertheless, Saturday’s trip to Possum Kingdom Dam proved to be a video-target-rich place to fly fish after they closed the spigot down a bunch.

This is the perfect opportunity to guide the Monday Morning faithful to the YouTube Channel (once again) BECAUSE we are living in future times. If you haven’t figured out that video is the future, trust me … just hide and watch. It probably won’t be too much longer before (what I call) the “New Fly Sports” of fly fishing are pumping out videos as often as I am. Just as they followed into social media, they can’t be far behind this site’s video presence either. I can feel them nipping at my tail. Little do they really know – just how much time it takes to do these videos.

Who is leading this new generation called the “New Fly Sports,” or NFS? Just ask, and I’ll out-em for you.


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