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Monday Morning Sidewalk Starts With Jury Duty

| September 25, 2017 | 0 Comments

Have You Done Your Jury Duty?

If you think you’re busy, well this comes to you from just before jury duty in Denton, Texas. I first thought about the possibility of sabotage – maybe put “Make America Great Again” at the top of some questionnaire, but I hear they don’t ask questions anymore. They just give you a number and wait for the bad guys to cop a plea when they are faced with a jury of their “peers.” Really, a peer to these Denton rejects? 

Last week was interesting, or at least it ended interesting. Imagine being on the water showing Conway Bowman and friends where the carp are on Lake Ray Roberts. It’s no man crush, but Conway rides a wave from his DVD, “Speed. Muscle. Teeth,” and the now defunct “Fifty Places to Fly Fish” series we caught on the World Fishing Network while it lasted. Hanging loose with Conway and friends at the Lone Star Lodge (formerly the Lantana Lodge) on Thursday evening I heard fly fishing stories, the likes of which I have never heard before. Thousand pound sharks, peacocks in South America sails off Guatemala … I get the feeling the stories only end when there was no one to listen, not in a bragging way, but lives well lived.

Imagine the reward? When I can show guys, with stories like that, through the fishery I call home, to the carp I am so passionate about. It was less about pressure and more about simple reward – The Seek and the Find.

This time of year the cards are stacked against us. As I sat and talked to the group of world travelers, it got quiet when questions about NOW floated out to me. “They’re there, but it’s so hot, you may be back in by noon.” We are well past primetime in late September, but there are still fish that have not retreated.

There are still variables. One is the clouds that come without warning (as they did last Friday), and the other is a bit more planetary – the angle of the sun goes lower in the sky. Overall, ladies and gentlemen – our window is closing now. It is so bittersweet this time of year, every year. We have a lot of other places to look, and go, but the going and the getting there is tougher than ever.


Of course, we have punted the CLYDE story until next week. There’s no predicting Denton County jury duty, but I assume that in a week I will be headed for GROUND ZERO of Hurricane Harvey. I will be either accompanying Danny Scarborough, or meeting him somewhere along the way to take a visual on Rockport, TX, and report from the Texas Gulf Coast on what the situation is at the epicenter of landfall of Hurricane Harvey. We will see how that goes, but with the fly fishing god’s blessings? I’m about due for a stroke of good luck …


BE SURE to contact me about fly fishing Beaver’s Bend, OK, as soon as you can! I am in a learning mode for a little while, and that’s the time to come up and explore the new Beaver’s Bend with me – strictly for fun. Honestly, I can’t wait for the cold, ice and rain to try all my abilities and entice those rainbows into biting! This hasn’t been such a hot summer in North Texas, but I am still craving the cold. Something must be wrong with me. Give me a call or text.

Monday Morning Sidewalk Looking Back at Sunday and Beyond

| June 12, 2017 | 1 Comment

This YouTube fly fishing video reminded me of the second video I ever uploaded to YouTube way back in 2008.



Good morning! It’s another Monday morning sidewalk, and I am dragging! I forgot just what a workout it was to walk-and-wade the flats, but was reminded – by the windy walk we took yesterday on Lake Ray Roberts. The skiff would’ve been futile on a day with winds that strong, so the only way for my guru to get a much needed carp fix was to go for a fish walk.

It was windy, about 20-miles-per-hour sustained, and the south wind was pushing clouds overhead, which “turned the lights on-and-off” in a matter of seconds as we sight casted for carp.

There were carp aplenty, but they were well protected by the stirred waters, the intermittent clouds and heightened senses. We had plenty of opportunities, and finally (I think as the water hit the right temp) scored a few fish.


The big question of course; is this the weather we will have tomorrow, or Friday? The patterns seem to be less drastic, but it also seems like the talking weatherheads are still hedging their bets a bit. If this wind drops, conditions improve drastically. It may be time to seek a creek, or river!

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you know, and what you want to know. No matter what, travel safely to-and-from wherever you go in the Messtroplex these days. It’s getting a lot better on the North Texas highways, but distracted drivers can still write your name in stone … you’ll never see it coming.

Friday Texas Fly Fishing Report

| June 9, 2017 | 1 Comment

It’s time for another fly fishing report from Texas, for and about Texas! PPV reading – skiff advantage and techniques.


Besides the original Texas Fly Fishing Report on YouTube (your first stop of course!), I also provide information targeted to what is happening with the fish I specialize in guiding for carp, here in North Texas. And my information is even more specific to Lake Ray Roberts, Texas, carp on fly, BUT you should interpret this information for your pursuits of fish on fly – wherever you are.

This information, as all information, has value. It is open reading for subscribers, and you too can read it by simply inserting a quarter in the slot, or better yet; subscribe to this website for access to all the Pay-Per-View stories found here! (And don’t tell anybody, but if you subscribe there’s a discount on guided trips!)


Fly Fishing For Carp Rough Cut Drone Footage

| April 7, 2017 | 1 Comment

North Texas drone video of carp on the fly early season 2017.

Here’s a rough cut of yesterday’s action. If you are looking for a guided trip, LET ME KNOW! I am booking and hooking now!

The drone video is 4K and the codec does not seem to be doing a good job at Google.

Backcasting 2016 – A Look Back at The Year of “Recovery”

| November 23, 2016 | 0 Comments

For those who are a captive audience wherever you are this Thanksgiving weekend, please enjoy a look back at what turned out to be an epic year of chasing carp on Lake Ray Roberts, Texas. A look back at a year of recovery for me. A look back at how rough things were, and appreciation of all things, a Thanksgiving for how good my health now is. To say I don’t recognize myself from this March to this November is a bit of an understatement. But then, I certainly don’t recognize myself from, say summer 2015 to now either!

Enough about “myself” though! This long video (which you can FF at any time) is a way for me to close it out, create a document, and keep on moving; new chapters are already in the works. You may experience problems with video length / quality / streaming speeds — and there will be a lot of bandwidth chewed along with that dressing over the holidays!

If you do watch – THANKS! And if you don’t? Thanks anyway! I would rather not see myself on screen anymore, so you can keep me off screen by sending me “newstips,” and story ideas, and inviting me along on your trips — to DOCUMENT YOUR FLY FISHING (and other) STORIES for consumption by hungry fly fishers here at Texas Fly Caster. Operators are standing by!

Have a fantastic Thanksgiving tomorrow, and we’ll see you out there somewhere on Black Friday!