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Texas Fly Fishing Report

| September 8, 2017 | 0 Comments

Texas Fly Fishing Report Summer Winds Down Doldrums Around

| August 18, 2017 | 0 Comments

Fly Fishing in Texas this week

Thanks again for watching the Texas Fly Fishing Report! Please suggest changes where needed – I won’t complain. I think the audio intro is a bit long-ish.

A hard week on the fly for me – skunked twice. Watch for the details in the video. I was advised to be wary of what I heard (and have been told that many times in the past), and it proved out when it came to Lake Grapevine two days ago.

If you can get to the BP and Rollover Pass, it sounds interesting. But then, I am relying – not on all you readers across the state – but relying on televised reporting and the TPWD fishing reports. I have always had a soft spot for Rollover Pass because there is an incredible amount of movement there. I heard a long time ago they were going to fill that in, but I never heard any more about it? I sure would like to hear from readers, rather than trying to discern second-hand information from the sources I am using. Accuracy is very important to me, so my sources need to be honed and more accountable.

If YOU ARE A GUIDE, feel free to call in your report from wherever you are, and we can record and publish it – as is, unedited and heavily (at my cost) promoted.

Pat Yourself in the Back? It is Monday After ALL

| June 26, 2017 | 0 Comments

Last week was an exceptional one here at Texas Fly Caster

Good morning fly friends! I hope you are happy with the weather this morning? You could ask for better, but you wouldn’t get it.

I am suffering from a case of tennis elbow, this time caused by the constant patting of my back by myself. Have you ever tried that? Some decent videos last week, two guide trips, and a Texas Fly Fishing Report that nailed, NAILED the fishing conditions last Friday … honestly, by Saturday I was thankful for the rain giving me a chance to sit still and recuperate.

By Sunday I was quite content to ride along with a friend on his tandem Hobie pedal drive, acting like I was pedaling occasionally. He wanted to “trawl” around for sand bass, but the schools I saw last week were elsewhere. Wow, Lake Ray Roberts was crowded too!

This is shaping up to be a defining week for our future, with things happening “one way or another,” “for better or worse,” in regard to a lot of things that have meandered along for this entire year. It will be nice to get past these boxes on the calendar, and on with some new opportunities.

Are you a Drake Magazine subscriber? I have been looking for the Summer 2017 issue on Denton’s only newsstand, but they don’t have it yet. I am always wondering which comes first, the digital issue, or the paper one? I know I’ve told you about the article I have coming out in this issue (at least once), but I am always anxious to see how the images are used … I guess it goes back to my newspaper days.

As this week begins to define one part of life, it is refreshing to know it also defines the time on the water – like today. The skiff is hitched, and I just need to throw the dart.Thanks for reading, and check back this week. This week will be as big a mystery to me as it is to you (believe it or not) at this very moment.


Tomorrow is another somber day. Another of the contemporaries of, and friend of family members, died of a drug overdose and that service is tomorrow. Twenty-nine years old. That makes three young men we knew, in the last five years, dead at the hands of drugs. Tragedy, pure and simple, pays another visit.


Fly Fishing For Carp Rough Cut Drone Footage

| April 7, 2017 | 1 Comment

North Texas drone video of carp on the fly early season 2017.

Here’s a rough cut of yesterday’s action. If you are looking for a guided trip, LET ME KNOW! I am booking and hooking now!

The drone video is 4K and the codec does not seem to be doing a good job at Google.

Music is Art – Denton’s Fly Fishing Community Knows More Than You Think! Keep The Secret

| January 17, 2017 | 0 Comments


Denton is well known for their diverse music scene, and in past years it wasn’t uncommon to have a skilled musician land on the couch in your living room. Plenty of well known bands started here in Denton, but because of its size (and unfair treatment of musicians by venues), most claim Dallas as home. That’s too bad, but until the mentality toward bands changes at the club level, here in Denton, hard feelings toward the club scene persist.

Live Denton Music Scene

One of my favorite venues for music in Denton is Dan’s Silver Leaf. Here’s their list of upcoming shows and here’s a link to – Dan’s Silver Leaf.

  • January 19 – Brent Best Matt Woods and Adam Lee
  • January 20 – Dylan Leblanc
  • January 21 – Midge Ure
  • January 26 – Young & Brave with Wesley Jensen and Mother Tongues
  • January 27 – Hayes Carll & Travis Linville
  • January 28 – Will Johnson
  • February 3 – Josh Halverson
  • February 4 – Chris Welch & The Cicada Killers / Scitt Danborn
  • February 11 – Alejandro Escovedo
  • February 15  – John Doe. Solo.
  • February 17 – Zac Wilkerson / Chris Watson Band

Take your pick. It’s all good.

Denton Music Scene