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Now Hear This! Fish-pandemonium Underway

| May 18, 2018 | 1 Comment

Where to begin? How about: IT DOESN’T Get Any Better


Fly Fishing Carp Lake Ray Roberts #flyfishing

Depending on where you are and what you know about the preeminent carp fly fishing lake in Texas, there’s a tale of two lakes going on right now. One side is blowing-and-going, and the other requires a bit more of a search. The juvenile males are running rough shod through the flats, not stopping to eat and in search of love. They look entirely like a spawning crew – small and difficult to distract into consuming.

If you don’t pull the trigger NOW, I will guarantee you that the action curve will bend, and it WILL GET tougher. The numbers are huge, and so are the shots at catching the challenging carp. Play the odds amigo & amiga!

Meanwhile the big femmes are ready to eat. Their work is done, and they have the munchies.

#flyfishing #TexasSkiff Carp on fly Ray Roberts TX


Lake Lavon Carp and Buffalo

I had perfect conditions on Lake Lavon, Wednesday, and after a lot of searching to find a location given by a kayaker at the ramp – I found a nice sandbar between shore and an island that was crawling with carp and dark-shadowed buffalo. I did catch a couple of commons in all, but also bagged this 14.5-pound buffalo. I don’t know what it is about me and the buffs, but I seem to have finally dialed them in. I say that, next thing I will be trying and trying with NO LUCK. They are a tough fish to get to eat a fly.

Fly Fishing #flyfishing Lake Lavon TX

This 14.5’er should unseat the current record of 10.67 caught on a Clouser (?) in July of 2011. It’s hard to find the time for the paperwork though! Records are made to be broken.

Netting that monster was pure comedy! It just flopped out of the net and kept going. Remind me! I gotta’ get a bigger net!


Our thoughts, concerns and prayers go out to Santa Fe, Texas, today. You’ll recall the story I did on artist and writer Mike Quinn awhile back. I vividly recall his kids getting home and hopping off the bus out front, coming over to meet me … they’re all okay.

YOUTUBE FANS – There simply are not enough hours in my week to be able to assemble the video report today. Besides THIS WEEK LOOKS A LOT LIKE LAST WEEK, except A LOT BETTER and MORE of it!

Friday Texas Fly Fishing Report

| May 11, 2018 | 0 Comments

Here’s the deal on Fly Fishing in Texas this Mother’s Day

First, don’t do it on Mother’s Day – that is if the mothers in your life matter. Next, if it doesn’t matter, get a look at this video and watch through to the end. That is when we get three other fly fishing guides to tell us what is happening in Texas Fly Fishing this weekend – AND BEYOND!

For this YouTube video — I heard from:


Thanks for reporting, and if you guide and want to report – photographs and information are due by 1-pm every Friday, and you can TEXT THAT TO ME for best results. Give me images, preferably horizontal, and any text BUT INCLUDE name / date / location (in general), and I will publish your photos and reports. It really is that easy for you to be a part of these reports. THIS IS HOW the REPORTS were ORIGINALLY DESIGNED TO FUNCTION.


Monday Morning Sidewalk Looking Back at Sunday and Beyond

| June 12, 2017 | 1 Comment

This YouTube fly fishing video reminded me of the second video I ever uploaded to YouTube way back in 2008.



Good morning! It’s another Monday morning sidewalk, and I am dragging! I forgot just what a workout it was to walk-and-wade the flats, but was reminded – by the windy walk we took yesterday on Lake Ray Roberts. The skiff would’ve been futile on a day with winds that strong, so the only way for my guru to get a much needed carp fix was to go for a fish walk.

It was windy, about 20-miles-per-hour sustained, and the south wind was pushing clouds overhead, which “turned the lights on-and-off” in a matter of seconds as we sight casted for carp.

There were carp aplenty, but they were well protected by the stirred waters, the intermittent clouds and heightened senses. We had plenty of opportunities, and finally (I think as the water hit the right temp) scored a few fish.


The big question of course; is this the weather we will have tomorrow, or Friday? The patterns seem to be less drastic, but it also seems like the talking weatherheads are still hedging their bets a bit. If this wind drops, conditions improve drastically. It may be time to seek a creek, or river!

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you know, and what you want to know. No matter what, travel safely to-and-from wherever you go in the Messtroplex these days. It’s getting a lot better on the North Texas highways, but distracted drivers can still write your name in stone … you’ll never see it coming.

Friday Texas Fly Fishing Report

| June 9, 2017 | 1 Comment

It’s time for another fly fishing report from Texas, for and about Texas! PPV reading – skiff advantage and techniques.


Besides the original Texas Fly Fishing Report on YouTube (your first stop of course!), I also provide information targeted to what is happening with the fish I specialize in guiding for carp, here in North Texas. And my information is even more specific to Lake Ray Roberts, Texas, carp on fly, BUT you should interpret this information for your pursuits of fish on fly – wherever you are.

This information, as all information, has value. It is open reading for subscribers, and you too can read it by simply inserting a quarter in the slot, or better yet; subscribe to this website for access to all the Pay-Per-View stories found here! (And don’t tell anybody, but if you subscribe there’s a discount on guided trips!)

[ppw id=”166080630″ description=”Details on Conditions in North Texas” price=”.25″]

I have been on the water twice this week, and the carp are a little finicky – eating so much vegetation right now that they seem full, and when caught they are sporting distended bellies. I was first clued in to what they were up to when I saw floating grass in the Buck Creek access area.

There are already vast areas where carp have stripped away that vegetation (I call it grass because I don’t know what it is called), and are rooting around underneath that grass – perhaps eating the base, or new sprouts, or bugs underneath. I can’t bring myself to dissect a carp and inspect their digestive track …

Things are just not that difficult overall, a soft presentation, and a “leave” not a stripping presentation are key. The “leave” means you leave the fly alone in front and close to the rooting carp. If you see mud clouds, first try to make tails and heads of the fish, and drop it on the boiling mud – let it settle down into the invisible.

I base my “lift-strip-set” mostly on time, although I have no real count, much more like an instinctive timing I guess I would call it. If there’s not resistance, let it drop right back down into that cloud (we are at point-blank range), and try again! If the cloud is still there, the fish is still eating, rooting and ready to take. A carp eating like this has some of its keen senses turned off, and is operating in what I call “Full On Eat Mode.” The odds, for once, are in your favor!


Our view from the deck of the skiff makes a huge difference these days! I am able to target shots at better distances than ever before – out of range of a typical common carp’s senses – and it is easy to setup successive shots. If one shot fails, I can call out the next one, and still not cause one of those carp stampedes that comes from running a distant fish through the herd of grazers nearer to my position. If you have ever fly fished for carp, you know how frustrating the stampedes can be. From the deck, we start with the fish on the outer edges, and there have been numerous times when we can pick one off and the herd has no clue what’s happening! Amazing.

As you saw from today’s YouTube video Texas Fly Fishing Report 060917, once there’s a take, things can and do go a little crazy with some fish! These weather shifts and temperature shifts make me believe each carp is behaving in its own unique way right now. If we lose a few degrees of water temperature today, with this rain, I think the carp will go even wilder than they have been earlier in this week. That’s a great problem to have!


Texas Fly Fishing Report for Memorial Day Weekend 2017

| May 25, 2017 | 0 Comments

Welcome to YOUR fly fishing report for Texas saltwater and Texas freshwater.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me — which is a no-brainer. The wind is making things miserable here in North Texas, and days that would be perfect are being blown away right now. Combine that with an extreme temperature swing and holiday weekend? All I can say is, make a trip to the beer and meat stores, stock up and lay low, way way low.

Thanks for watching. Take care if you do get out there, and send me your fish photos if you are brave enough to hit it this weekend.

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