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RSSTexas Skiff

Monday A Concrete Sidewalk-ing Gray Day

| March 26, 2018 | 0 Comments

Fly Fishing in Texas on Hold as Weather Dominates Again

Good Monday Morning! I only have one question: How do you keep a dog from drinking your coffee from the cup on the table sitting right in front of you? I tried crying a minute ago, and I think that may have worked …

Spring is a fickle thing. The overcast, wind and threats of rain are keeping me from cranking up and going out on a search mission yet again today. To say it’s frustrating is an understatement, and frustrating is a word that I consider an umbrella comment covering a lot of fly fishing situations in North Texas right now. Frustrating.

Many of the “mods” to the skiff are getting knocked out due to this weather though. Having the skiff sitting right here in front of me means one of two things: 1) working on it, or, 2) wishing I was on it out there somewhere. Impatience.

As soon as I am free to roam, and the weather cooperates, you can bet we will be doing things differently this year. An earlier post pretty much pointed our direction(s) to walk away from local fish to go find fish elsewhere. Yes, I know it’s a cardinal sin, but I’m no saint. Go.

Our North Texas fly fishing community has definitely come out of hibernation. The e-mails for lessons and trips have already exceeded last year at this time. It’s funny that a day on a calendar, or a day or two of warm weather awakens the fly fishing bears so easily. A few years ago, we had a school-shutting snowstorm on March 14! North Texas is such a fickle fly fishing mistress.

The sun is up somewhere because they say it is so, but here we are left in grey, guessing. The clock tells me it’s time to go though. Dogs need walking, and the skiff needs caressing …

Be sure to look back to last week’s report available in this post – and on YouTube. It always comes at the end of the week, and leads through the end of this week.

Fly Fishing Texas Report 032318 – Weather Says Spring Fish Say Wait a Minute

| March 23, 2018 | 0 Comments

Texas Fly Fishing Report

This is your fresh Texas Fly Fishing Report for the weekend. Remember that you can find more words here than on these videos — I know, that’s a scary thought!

Things are aligning nicely for next week, if we don’t get too much of a good thing (rain forecast). Alas, it is Texas, so bigger, more and too much is probably what we’re in store for. Watch the video, and I will break down the effect massive spring rains have on our fly fishing opportunities – specifically for lakes and ponds. Of course we all know our rivers eventually lead to the Gulf of Mexico, and I will tell you what I have been seeing down on the coast at Port Aransas lately (seeing online).


I finished up wiring in the head unit for the skiff today, and for no good reason, I recorded the video of that final install, and firing up of the tunes. It sounds very good, and does not rattle the boat (if you are worried about crushing bass or too much power to the speakers). When the people who know me best, and who have been on my skiff, say, “YOU NEED! a STEREO!” I was happy to oblige. If it ever gets too loud, let me know!


Monday Morning Sidewalk Hits and Misses

| October 30, 2017 | 0 Comments

Astros 13 Dodgers 12 Homerun Derby

Well, with all the “drama” surrounding the day to day, I missed giving the Texas fly fishing contingents a heads-up on the Texas Clay Fest down in Gruene over the weekend. Somehow, I have come to know a lot of clay artists, and in Texas the Texas Clay Fest is ground zero for their harmonic convergence of art, music and a lot of storytelling behind the scenes. Virtually none of it is related to fly fishing, but the location is pure gold. Just like everything else in that part of Texas, I imagine it has been usurped by hipsters, but then that is what separates that part of Texas from the rest of us (besides its blueness).

I am not going to miss out on the opportunity to tell you that we are at the beginning of the month, and that means a lot of fly fishing clubs meet all across Texas. By now you know where I am when it comes to “The Club Life,” but my attitude on that is not set in stone – no matter another birthday last week! I am more than willing to resample the club life when I hear about, and I quote, a “Fort Worth Fly Fishers youth movement.” I am going to do a throwback, and run the list of clubs that are meeting in Texas this November. If I had the freedom, I would attend every single one of these – just to check the heartbeats. You may have noticed; I discontinued my own CPR efforts of these organizations — because these patients seem to have DNR as their primary goals. The 21st. Century marches on leaving them all behind.

This should be a very off-topic week if I have anything to say about it. I have a phone full of music to pass along, I am still in possession of the Nikon 360 camera (I don’t think the company wants it back!), it’s time to tie some flies, it’s time to reveal a new prototype for a skiff / fly fishing accessory, and yes, it is time to hit the water somewhere somehow. There’s a long to-do list …

We’re locked-and-loaded for a batch of new stories to carry us all the way into year eleven (that would be 2018 for the numerically challenged such as myself). We have the book reviews, a brand new building for Living Waters Fly Shop in Round Rock, Beaver’s Bend, the flounder run, striper action on Texoma, striper action on the Guadalupe, Texas Gulf Coast salt in winter, fly tying, rod building, music, beer and gear for winter review. Is that enough to keep you old geezers reading, and you newbies wanting more?


You may have noticed there’s not a ton of “Paid Content” reading these days, and that is because the extension that allows me the luxury life – is “broke down.” Right now, that bleeding edge is needing a tourniquet, and there’s not a lot I can do. IT WILL BE REPAIRED before we head into this new series of Fall and Winter 2017-18 stories though. The reason for that is that we are headed toward some extremely revealing information on Beaver’s Bend (put that gas money back in your pocket and stick a quarter in the slot), and these other topics. You may have also figured out that your subscription also allows you to see more “opinionated” views and language on the topics that concern me these days.


  • November 6 Dallas Fly Fishers
  • November 7 Red River Fly Fishers
  • November 7 Fort Worth Fly Fishers
  • November 9 Brazos Valley Fly Fishers (do you still exist?)
  • November 9 Laguna Madre Fly Fishers
  • November 14 Central Texas Fly Fishers
  • November 14 Central Texas Fly Rodders
  • November 20 East Texas Fly Fishers
  • November 21 Alamo Fly Fishers
  • November 30 Rockport Fly Fishers

If you have a new club / group / gathering of like-minded fly folks – feel free to let me know! If any of the above dates have been altered – feel free to let me know! If any of the above organizations no longer exist – feel free to let me know!

Texas Skiff – How to Use Ram Mounts as Push Pole Holder on Platforms

| July 4, 2017 | 0 Comments

First Texas Skiff video goes over rigging your skiff for maximum efficiency

If you come from, or are into kayaks, you know the value of good mounting systems on your boats. Well, I brought my faith in RAM MOUNTS to my skiff and so-far-so-good. I have been very happy with the Ram Mount’s performance and am still finding ways to use them on KoKo.

This video will eventually find its way onto the Texas Skiff YouTube Channel, so go there and subscribe to that channel if you are interested in these kinds of things.

Thanks for watching and HAPPY 4th. OF JULY!

Texas Skiff – Why Share The Love?

| June 29, 2017 | 1 Comment

Texas Skiff home here for now

A few years (really!) back I was about to launch a separate website called Texas Skiff. Well, life and the “C” got in the way. So, I decided to roll the love of the SKIFF LIFE into the love of fly. I must be feeling better – to add another ball to juggle! The reality is I am a first-time boat owner, and am learning and living the skiff life in real time. So I figure, just like I figured when I started Texas Fly Caster in 2007, WHY NOT share the information that could save some new skiff owner A LOT of HEARTACHE?

I will be combining stories on skiffs, mainly Texas based, with what you find here at Texas Fly Caster — as we go into the future. Some of you will find the details interesting, even if you don’t own a skiff. Why? Because a lot of what goes into a skiff comes from kayaking and other realms. Why not take what we learned in the kayak world, and translate to skiff?


The YouTube video is a run through the skiff you’ve seen, and perhaps been lucky enough to ride. Once again, as when I started this site in 2007, I do not know where the TEXAS SKIFF segment will lead, but at least I can share information that may help skiff buyers and owners save money, headaches and time. If you save time messing with your skiff, you can spend it casting for your favorite fish, can’t you?