Vortex Skiff Trailer Hubs

| October 2, 2022

Here is information on how to replace your old hubs with the patented design “100-thousand mile” Vortex hubs. This company is now a Dexter owned company, but if you can find any axle-suspension company that isn’t? That would be a rare find!

This is all about my impending departure … in the morning, for South Padre Island, Texas, and having the skiff permanently residing there. Consequently, salt is now Public Enemy #1, and a much needed upgrade to the sorry hubs that came on my Continental Trailer was top of the list.

Feel free to ask questions, or contact me! I left plenty of the mechanical details to your experience and imagination. It just isn’t that hard to swap these out! Check out the description on the video for a source for the hubs, and a link to the grease they come pre-packed with there as well!

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