Tournament Tuesday

| September 17, 2019

Global Warming Trickles Down

Who would have thought the change in world climate would trickle down, like a bead of sweat, to little-ol’ us right here in Texas? August 2019 was the second hottest August on record, and while myself and other hardcore carp fly fishers examine their navels trying to figure out “what’s wrong,” and seeing things we’ve never seen before … maybe it is just as simple as the weather.

Whatever it is, we can all hold out hope that things are better on the Texas Gulf Coast, as all the but one of the remaining Texas fly fishing tournaments are on the Gulf Coast.

Again the weather – later this week a tropical disturbance will move in right about Houston and “could” bring as much as 14-inches of rain to the Bayou City. That event could have an impact here later this week, perhaps quenching our blooming drought map. It is projected to be a concentrated serious problem east of DFW, and in the Tyler area it could be a real “weather event.”

So the remaining Texas Fly Fishing Tournament picture looks like:

  • Borracho Pescador (not exclusively fly)
  • Lydia Ann Flymasters Tournament Port Aransas
  • Capital City Carp Classic

Tentative plans are to get to Austin to interview the Capital City creator, and get a look at the water designated for this November carp tournament. Carp in November? Sounds pretty ambitious to me, but I have been wrong (many times) before.

Coming tomorrow is more promised information about skiff trailers, and some things you many already know – but that I did not know – about setting up your skiff trailers for the long haul. You’ll have to forgive me if you already are an expert in boat trailers, but what little I knew at thirteen-years-old was long forgotten.

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  1. shannon says:

    BP Amigos,

    We fully realize the social media/network television universe loves to make weather situations as dramatic as possible, regardless of the severity of storms. However, we have been here for over 24 hours and have barely been touched by a drop, just the tip of the storm has been tickling us a bit. It made landfall in Freeport this afternoon and is moving north and the forecast looks extra special for us…

    Despite the optimistic forecast, and to ward off the evil spirits, the great folks of Port O’Connor, TX have offered the community center, which is an absolutely perfect location for our event, therefore we have decided to take some pressure off our Team and to ease all of your concerns and have accepted their gracious offer and will move all events from Sharkies to the Port O’Connor Community Center Indoor/Outdoor Pavilion (just a couple miles south of Sharkies) follow the signs.

    The address is:

    Port O’ Connor Community Center (Covered Pavilion)

    3674 W. Adams St.

    Port O’ Connor, TX , 77982

    We are grateful, humbled, and stoked to spend the long weekend with all of you. Please be safe traveling down to the Texas coast and as always, if you need anything please let us know!

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