Monday Morning Simple

| October 14, 2019


Monday Morning Head On

Hey fellow fly fishers! I hope this Monday Morning is no worse than the rest. For me, it amounts to something more than average in terms of fly fishing, and a big fat zero otherwise.

I am back on track with the famous, and I MEAN FAMOUS, Texas Fly Fishing Reports. Tongue in cheek, the reality is the big fat blob of life has gotten in the way of regular video posts, and I have to admit it is a lot easier NOT to do videos than it is TO do videos for the YouTube Channel.

Most difficult is the fact that if you take the difficulty of fly fishing, the difficulty of a dead-end job Pac-Man eating your time by the day, and a highly unusual fly fishing year? Well, I hope you get the picture! If not, maybe you’ll get the video. Punching the proverbial clock, especially a government clock … I think they unplugged it a long time ago.

If you do watch the video, you will get a hint of what videos are to come. And let me be clear – THERE ARE many more videos to come. In fact, I am finally considering a quantum shift from words to videos. Words, it seems, are quite OUT OF FASHION. Couple that with the fact that STILL PHOTOGRAPHY is also out of fashion? I can only GUESS that the only donkey left standing is VIDEO. We s h a l l see.

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