Monday Morning Treat

| June 3, 2019

If you’re just waking up, how about a freshly minted Texas Fly Fishing Report to start your week?

After four straight days on the water, it seemed like a good idea (given the circumstances) to update the YouTube Nation on what is going on locally and throughout Texas. PLEASE feel free to watch the video, or read on …

Just a little footnote to the video, in case you are afraid of the boogie man in the YouTube …

WARNING: This was recorded over MY weekend (more than three days) and contains graphic images of carp being caught.

Conditions Lake Ray Roberts Texas and Beyond

To sum the conditions in Texas and on Lake Ray Roberts up? I would say bloated, not dead but bloated. Every day after my first day at the ramp, I was expecting the lake level to drop. Instead, it rose day-after-day. Ramps are closed in many locations, and that has lead to stressful boat ramps that are overcrowded – it’s not fun to use TPWD ramps right now on Ray Roberts.

What is fun is to run a lake that lets you into the bush, lets you into the trees, and pole into fields of flowers and fish. As I wrapped it up Sunday, I thought back on four days on the water. Carp were out and about, seemingly still doing some revived spawning, gar are gulping and bass are popping in the shallows — a whole lot shallower than the heavy deep bass boats can float. 

Saturday, I did offer a guy who was wading for carp near the Jordan boat ramp, a ride on front of the skiff to get a look at what he was trying to chase. He declined politely, saying his time was limited. Mostly it was buffalo in numbers 50-to-1 against common carp. The buffs were THICK, but I just wasn’t going to bite and chase them. Remember what fly will fool a buff?

One side of Ray Roberts is performing distinctly different from the other. Right now Ray Roberts is two lakes in one – watch the video to find out the differences.

As far as other places to report on – there’s basic information on the Texas Gulf Coast, and I went ahead and ran the scroll from TPWD at the end of this video. This video may be up for awhile, and as I said, I don’t do videos unless there’s something to say. After six weeks of rain, and more coming this week … I won’t bother you with an update IF THERE’S NOTHING TO SAY!

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