Monday Morning Sand Walk

| February 13, 2023

The Sun Always Rises

Today’s Monday morning sand walk – South Padre Island Texas.

Sunday was dead calm on the Lower Laguna Madre of Texas, but the cold water is settling in the shallows, and that little fact makes a calm day a beautiful thing to see but not much worth swiping the shallows with a fly line. 

The dead calm days are rare here, very rare. The temptation is always to crank up, but that has crossed the minds of thousands of other anglers here – who actually do crank up, and these Saturday-Sunday only calm days are real zoos – from the Boca Chica Jetties to the ramp outside. I bite down every time, and remind myself of this fact, find things to do around the base, and repeat one of Grandpa’s favorite frustrated phrase, “Just let it go.” In retrospect? He was pretty a pretty Zen Southern Baptist.

The weekend was unique in one regard, and that was because I was photographing food to review at a new restaurant on South Padre Island. At walking distance from the base, I had not been into Nautico until last week, and then again Saturday night for the roundhouse review of food and drink. If YOU come down for a fly fishing outing, put this restaurant on you list of places to go.

I will link to the review when that hits the digital airwaves. Thankfully I didn’t have to write the review, and the writer brought her significant knowledge of the South Padre Island restaurant scene and the business owners with her for the review – yet to publish.

IF you have not read the FIRST PART of Greg Welander’s article on the Thomas & Thomas fly rods that Los Pescadores now carries? Be sure to read – Greg Welander Talks Thomas & Thomas NOW!

– Shannon

It’s loading day here. The bayside base will go dormant for a few days, while I make the commute back to North Texas – after a pretty long and eventful run here on the tropical Texas Island in the Gulf. There will be a lot to unpack this week. 

Part of the reason I am heading north is to prepare for the upcoming Coffee & Caddis’ participation in the Fort Worth Trinity River Water District’s “FlyFest” that is happening March 11, 2023, in the same spot, but with different dynamics from previous years. Another reason for the return is to saddle up management and hit the GRTU’s TroutFest this coming weekend! It seems like forever since my last attendance at this event, and I am sure others feel the same after the COVID era. 

That TRWD FlyFest event includes merchandise from Los Pescadores in the booth, and we will have Greg Welander there to answer your questions about the Thomas & Thomas fly rods – available for order and on site to purchase!

Feel free to visit the Los Pescadores store and order what you want – and you can pick it up from me in the DFW area later this week! Skip the shipping charges! That train does leave the station tonight though!

I won’t be crying wolf again this morning, but being in North Texas this week will be far away from the Texas Gulf Coast’s new “Ground Zero” news. News that is barely being kept under wraps locally, but probably still a mystery wrapped in a riddle – if you are not near the Borderlands.

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