Los Pescadores Out of the Shadows

| February 20, 2023

Into the Light

The speed quickened this morning. That is because the press release for Los Pescadores Coffee and Outfitters – ON SOUTH PADRE ISLAND, TEXAS – has hit the world broadside.

The cat finally scratched its way out of the bag today. Let loose was the fact we were compelled to relocate our concept FROM Port Isabel TO South Padre Island. I could go on for days – just about that little piece of news, but I am saving that for the book.

To say the move to the Island was a good one? That may be my way of understating things nowadays. We upped the game in every single respect. More space, more traffic and more pressure to perform of course.

Los Pescadores Coffee & Outfitters will open at 410 Padre Boulevard Suite 111 – in May-June 2023. As for me? I finally get to talk about these things publicly and share information and gather information from you – the lurkers and consumers wherever you may be on the map. And I actually, finally, get to talk! It has been difficult for all these months, living behind the scenes, and living with the business frustrations and the frustration that comes from not having a social life – because WE DIDN’T have a STORE!

There are not many good reasons for someone my age and stage to go back into the retail environment I left behind a few decades ago. But one good reason is to get off these keys and out – face-to-face, showing, sharing and enjoying people. That friends, is reason number one! (Yeah, I have had to remind myself often in the last six months)


Now that we are green lighted, I can share some great brands, great artists and great coffee knowledge – gained and still gaining as I go along this Island run. It has been quite an experience already, and I know I will be slapped silly a few more times before it is over. Thankfully, my ego does not seem to suffer much, or as much as some other General Manager’s do – when things don’t go so well.

Once the press release hit the public today, a flood of interest came back our way. The drought of employee searches seems to have caught a few drops of hope today. If you don’t already know, the most difficult part of this is? FINDING HELP! I know that goes for a lot of businesses nowadays, but when your location is so far from dense populations, it can feel like casting into the wind of a tropical storm.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for your patience. A short look at the 2023 GRTU TroutFest in New Braunfels is on the schedule for later this week. It was one fantastic show, and had spectacular attendance this year that included reasonable weather.

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  1. shannon says:

    be sure to contact me if you want me to send you the press release, or want more information!

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