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Black Hole Sun Shadows The Monday Morning Sidewalk

| August 21, 2017 | 0 Comments

Texas Insider Fishing Report Girl in Texas this week! Get out your long … lenses East Texas!

Texas Insider Girl Brie Gabrielle - photo courtesy pageant

Good morning! In 2024 we will be the focal point for a max coverage lunar eclipse! So at least we have that going for us – Fishpocalyplse 2024! (Should the world still be around, and should we all live that long!) Imagine that …

I will be on the water for our close brush with the eclipse TODAY. I figure the fish will just start coming up all around me, like I’m the Dr. Doolittle of the high lakes. Today is the first day of public school for hundreds of thousands of Texas kids. I know you are wondering just where “The Great State” of Texas ranks in public education this morning. It’s 43rd., so take heart, there are seven states worse than us. I guess that new $70-million dollar football stadium in Katy, Texas, didn’t bump up those rankings very much. What a waste of money.

If you watched the Texas Fly Fishing Report last week, then you know I actually took a piece of information from the “Texas Insider Fishing Report” and went out and executed the advice, translated into fly, and proceeded to get skunked at Grapevine Lake. Hmmmm …

Apparently the main star(let) power of “Texas Insider” is going to be in Texas this week, and fishing with a couple of the guides they have reporting on that show. Don’t be surprised to see a big hullabaloo on Lake Fork – camera boats chasing, cameramen on board, and Miss (soon to be Mrs. you horn dogs) Brie Gabrielle on Fork, or some other East Texas lake. The guide she’s out with has been pushing Lake Athens hard, so you may see them there. (Photo Is Above. Funny, Google automatically fills in the search for “Texas Insider” with “Girl” when you do the search) My guess: don’t blink, or you’ll miss her before she’s on to another bigger show of some kind.

This week looks a lot different from last week. We have a cool front predicted (climate change anybody? any deniers?) for midweek, and it’s supposed to drop highs into, get this, upper 80’s for ONE day this week – plus rain chances. Go ahead, tell me this happens all the time.

There’s already not enough time to make the long run this week, so I will try another lake, and see what happens. I am up to five different lakes in the last five weeks, and there’s a good reason you’re not reading about them. I got nothing to say. Ok, I do have something to say – here fishy fishy! That’s my secret fish call, but don’t go crazy using it everywhere you go! It could stir up the aquarium at your local  Long John Silver’s …

Thanks for reading today. You’ll be selling your addiction short if you aren’t showing up here other days of the week to check out the stories other than the Monday Morning Sidewalk. And the news just keeps on coming into the fall this year – guaranteed.

And if you see Miss Brie, tell her I said, YOU GO GIRL!

Got Gas? Come on and Take a Free Ride

| August 14, 2017 | 3 Comments

Monday Morning Fly Fishing Week Full of Hopes Dreams

“… high on Jesus and hooked on dope …” – James McMurtry lyrics

You know, Monday Morning Sidewalks are a double-edged sword, or AT LEAST they should be. As predictable as your Monday Morning is, as you sit there in your respective bathroom stall, I am so sorry that your reading here has been mostly … far less than unpredictable.

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Monday Morning Sidewalk Sing Along

| August 7, 2017 | 0 Comments

Fly fishing music and more this Monday Morning


Good Monday morning to you! Weather plays a role in today’s outlook for sure. I find it incredible that here in Denton (located north of Dallas – Fort Worth) that we escaped last night with a couple of sprinkles while major wind and storms crossed by just a few miles south of here. Lightning strikes were documented with video on Lake Granbury, and I am sure there will be more weather video forthcoming.

If you watched last Friday’s Texas Fly Fishing Report, then you know what you need to know if you are fly fishing Texas lakes – it is a difficult proposition to begin with, and if you’re lucky, you have a predictable target audience of fish, and if you’re really lucky (as in my narrow focus on carp) then you get some time with great action every year. However, this year has been a little strange on the hyper-local level, and I go over what (I believe) is making it a strange year in that fly fishing video.

I have been stalled for a bit by the weather that boxes in my time to try and get to new lakes and report on their characteristics. That and a chink in the armor of my trolling motor have shifted this (supposed to be weekly) adventure into neutral for the time being.


Being stuck in fly fishing neutral as many of us are now, what are we to do? Besides watching the brain-drain news droning on, there are YouTube videos of course, and music – tons of music. Here are a few, but if you click on the image YOU WILL be transported to Amazon to purchase – which benefits us both by the way!

Other than music, the search continues for a more sustainable existence as usual. I talked to Chano the other day, and he and a lot to say about his life and times … Such is the life …

Thanks for reading. Have a great week. Feel free to step up and participate in any way you see as convenient — we’ve all loved the images sent in for the InstaFishFoto on Instagram this summer, and keep sending those in throughout the year! Who knows? Maybe it’s time for a Fish Foto Contest!

Pay special heed to the first and last on this little list!

Monday Morning Sidewalk With Benefits Aplenty

| July 31, 2017 | 0 Comments

Lots of information on upcoming fly fishing benefit events coming your way this week

Hey everybody! Welcome to the Monday Morning Sidewalk. There’s a whole lot of nothing to tell these days. I mean, I’ve been quietly hitting a lake a week for two weeks, this week should be the third, and this heat (yes, let us blame the heat) has me trying very hard to “Show-and-Tell” you more about these adventures … with nothing to show but an expense report.

Heck, I even tried fly fishing at night! And I am here to tell you, that’s not for me. Although I cut my baby teeth (had braces at the time actually) night fishing for speckled trout at night on the intracoastal, this time I was completely disoriented  and assaulted by bugs (worse than the intracoastal) once the wind was not a factor. I can’t imagine fishing a lake I DON’T KNOW at night — the run back to the ramp was so stressful. Maybe more light is in the future? It’s either that, or shut completely down during these dog days.

While I am away, Paris is apparently burning. I watched the Texas Fishing Report, and they are reporting tarpon at Port Aransas, bull reds at Mansfield … should I continue? I bet you trout guys are about to click away from here right about now, but wait … there’s more saltwater for what ails you!

As you may have seen on Instagram, I did manage some big drum on Ray Roberts last Friday morning. They were very visible, and chasing flies like they were hungry. Gaspergou are fun fighters, but this warm water has slowed them down too. I also met my friend JB on Ray Roberts that same Friday morning … he and his guest were aboard his East Cape, and looking for carp. Based on my years of record-keeping, I managed to put them on a spot that proved to be successful. I say that to say this: KEEP RECORDS of your fly fishing adventures! Those records will come in handy sometime, maybe when you are completely frustrated and have forgotten those lessons of the past.

Thanks for reading! Be sure to check back here the next few days for the information on those charity events. And be sure to read yesterday’s BACKCASTING SUNDAY SUMMARY – a look at the fly fishing month’s stories that appeared here. I get the feeling there will be local breaking retail news very, very soon. If you aren’t tired of reading about

Monday Morning Sidewalk – Wet After a Stormy Night

| July 24, 2017 | 0 Comments

Texas tarpon talk and Texas Insider Fishing Report stoking the fires

Good Monday Morning! What a surprise that rain storm was for us here in the DFW area last night! Thunder, lightning and rain – the works. I was awake at about 4am, and checked the radar … that cell seemed to be feeding off the concrete heat as it dissipated like a magician in a puff of smoke. Strange days (and nights) indeed.

It was fun watching the TEXAS INSIDER FISHING REPORT on Fox Sports Southwest, and their segment on Texas tarpon. That’s a story I want to start working on this year, but their analysis puts them 3 miles offshore and dead center (now between the Galveston Ship Channel and SLP) off the beach. Houston, we (I) have a problem! Their history lesson matched my historic perspective on the modern Texas Tarpon population (dams are the problem that forever changed our Texas Tarpon population). Without those dams? I would never have left the Texas Gulf Coast from my childhood, and wouldn’t be sitting here writing this either.

I would love to go on and on about a fishy weekend, but you guys know I don’t fish on the weekend. But I am fishing today, and probably a couple more days this week! Based on the TEXAS INSIDER FISHING REPORT, I like the looks of PK lake and night fishing on Grapevine is calling my name … heck, night fishing anywhere is better than this heat! I’m looking for riders.

Have a great week folks. I appreciate all the great photos coming in from everyone — and you will see those on the InstaFishFeed – unless you say otherwise. There are so many coming in now, that I can’t actually run them all! I apologize for that, but I have to edit for quality and repetition. PLEASE take the best photo you can, and use a camera whenever possible!

Thanks for reading!